Cops: Watch your back in East Flatbush

Eight woman — including senior citizens — have been robbed at gunpoint on the streets of East Flatbush, police report.

And taxi hacks are being taken for a ride.

That’s the warning being issued by Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues, commanding officer of the 67th Precinct.

So cops are telling residents to be on the alert of two robbery patterns in the neighborhood.

The gunpoint robberies are taking place between 4– and 5 am, around the subway station near Nostrand and Newkirk avenues.

Police say victims are being followed out of the subway and attacked on the street. One victim was tailed two blocks to Farragut Road before being mugged.

The second pattern is occurring around the Flatbush Gardens housing complex, at New York and Foster avenues. Police said the suspects have been hailing cabs in other neighborhoods and being brought to the complex. The taxi driver is then robbed at gunpoint and the suspects escape into the buildings.

In one incident, the robbers commandeered the cab, leaving the driver on the street, police said.

The patterns come as major felony crime on the streets of East Flatbush have increased nearly seven percent this year — including five murders for the year.

Auto theft is up over 50 percent while grand larceny is up 17 percent, police said.

Pegues said violent crime remains a significant problem, particularly around the many nightclubs in the area.

Citywide, the precinct took the third highest number of guns off the street last year, and led the city in gun arrests the two previous years.

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