Cops: We have teen terrors

90th Precinct


Takes two

Police caught two 13-year-old suspects after a string of thefts in South Williamsburg on Nov. 20.

The perps allegedly grabbed a woman’s purse at Clymer Street near Wythe Avenue while she was waiting for a bus at 5:15 pm, then snatched a pair of glasses from a woman inside her Ross Street building near Kent Avenue at 5:30 pm, before taking another woman’s purse in front of a Wythe Place building near Wilson Street 10 minutes later.

Police canvassed the area, and nabbed their suspects.

Bag job

Two gunmen threatened a woman and took her purse on Nov. 20 on Union Avenue.

The victim walked into her building near Ainslie Street at 7:30 pm, and the thugs followed her inside before one flashed a black handgun and screamed, “Give me your bag.”

The victim complied.

iPhony fiend

A thief stole an iPhone from a woman on Metropolitan Avenue on Nov. 19 — but gave it back just as quickly.

The victim was near Graham Avenue at 6:30 pm, when the perp tapped her on the shoulder and grabbed the Jobsian device from her hand.

She screamed, and the perp handed the phone back and ran away.

iPhone iSnatch

A thief stole an iPhone from a woman on Lorimer Street on Nov. 20.

The victim was talking on her phone near Broadway at 6:55 pm when the perp ripped it out of her hand and fled up Lorimer Street.

Knifey spoony

A burglar threatened a tenant with a knife inside his S. Second Street apartment on Nov. 19 — was arrested a few hours later, cops said.

The tenant left his apartment near Marcy Avenue at 5:45 pm to walk his dog, and returned to find the alleged thief, who grabbed a knife and threatened him.

The perp fled the apartment, but an officer stopped and cuffed him, police said.

Tool time

A thief stole a saw and two drills from a Metropolitan Avenue garage on Nov. 20.

The homeowner said that he locked his garage near Leonard Street at 3 am, but when he returned five hours later, he saw the lock was broken and his stuff was gone.

Nifty necklaces

A thief stole $1,000 worth of necklaces, a Nintendo system and $300 from a S. Fourth Street apartment on Nov. 20.

The tenant left her home near Union Avenue at 2:30 pm, but when she returned four hours later, she saw her property was gone.

Active Acura

A thief stole an Acura parked on Division Street last week.

The driver parked near Bedford Avenue on Nov. 18 at 3:30 pm and returned at 11 pm the next night, he saw his car was missing.

— Aaron Short

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