Cops: Yorkie thieves nabbed, but pinched puppy remains at large

Cops: Yorkie thieves nabbed, but pinched puppy remains at large
Cops arrested the thieves who allegedly stole this cuddly little Yorkie, but the $1,400 dog remains at large.
Courtesy of David Dietz

Police have arrested two teens they say swiped a $1,400 Yorkie from a Flatbush Avenue pet shop last month, but the alleged thieves’ cuddly captive has yet to turn up — unwelcome news that’s left Puppy Paradise workers praying that the lovable little pooch is still alive.

“We’re not giving up hope here,” said pet shop owner David Dietz. “It’s possible the kids could have given or sold the dog to somebody.”

Cops tracked down and arrested the 15-year-old suspects on March 2, but the eight-week-old Yorkshire Terrier they’re accused of stealing remains missing.

The teens allegedly swiped the dog from the pet shop near Quentin Road on Feb. 16. Surveillance footage taken of the theft shows one of the young men grabbing the small dog and stuffing it in his coat pocket while store employees helped other costumers.

Police say the suspects were initially arrested for another crime, but were linked to the dog-napping after a store employee picked them out of the 63rd Precinct mug books on Feb. 18.

The two would-be dog snatchers haven’t said anything about the theft, and, in turn, haven’t given up the dog’s location, officials say.

Still, Puppy Paradise employees are holding out hope that the pinched pup will turn up.

“I feel this dog is around somewhere. The kids haven’t said that the dog is dead,” said Dietz.

The stolen puppy, which was never named, needs to be fed six-times a day. Without the proper diet, a young yorkie can develop hyperglycemia, sickness, infection, and liver and kidney failure, Dietz said.

The dog’s loss would also be a huge hit for Dietz, whose business is struggling to pay its bills.

“He’s worth $1,400, that’s the electric bill for a month,” Deitz said. “[That puppy’s] my livelihood.”

Anyone with information regarding this dog-napping is urged to contact CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-8477. All calls will be kept confidential.

Puppy Paradise owner David Dietz is praying that his little investment is still alive.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

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