Correction official admits: We bussed up — but it won’t happen again!

Bus-ted! Correction vehicles are cramming Court Street
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

Looks like lunch time’s over at the Brooklyn House of Detention.

Just one day after The Brooklyn Paper’s award-winning online edition revealed that some jailers from the Atlantic Avenue lockup have been parking agency buses on Court and Schermerhorn streets in congested, parking-space-starved Downtown, a Correction official promised that it won’t happen again.

“We believe that some drivers may have been parking for their lunch break over the past few days,” said Correction Department Deputy Commissioner Steve Morello. “Those drivers should not do that and it won’t happen again.”

Our staff spent three days documenting the drivers’ lunchtime habits. First, three armored buses were parked on Court Street between Livingston and State streets, leaving the roads clogged, parking spaces blocked and community members angry.

A day later, the long buses were back. A look at the street on Google Maps Street View also turned up some offenders. The revelation ended in an internal investigation — and Morello assigned a supervisor to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We’re going to tap on a few guys’ shoulders,” he said Wednesday. “It shows that when there are concerns, we can solve them quickly.”