Counting Crows come home to roost

Counting Crows come home to roost
By Danny Clinch

Some children of Generation X have been waiting for this moment since 1991.

The Counting Crows may have been around for more than two decades, but the show they’re playing in July will be their first gig in the indie music borough of Brooklyn.

Yes, your comically unhip boss’s favorite band has toured the world in their 20-plus years of existence, but they have never stepped foot on the fertile ground that is a Brooklyn stage.

“I’ve been to Brooklyn,” singer Adam Duritz promised. “I’ve just never played there.”

The group, which the average editor would probably not deem “current,” (of course, this is not your average newspaper) did peak in the 90s — known for trends such as Beanie Babies, “This is Your Brain on Drugs” commercials, and American prosperity — but they’ve been chugging along since, releasing three albums that culminated with the “Underwater Sunshine,” a compilation of covers of mostly unknown songs that the band released in April.

In the right circles, the show the group will play on July 17 in Williamsburg is a marquee ticket.

“They may not be hip and trendy, but the Counting Crows are a solid rock band,” said Brooklyn Paper editor Vince DiMiceli, who claims he heard “Mr. Jones,” on the radio in 1993 and ran out to purchase a compact disc of the group’s “August and Everything After,” that same day. “They are accomplished musicians who are excellent song writers and they’re not afraid to allow their influences to come out. Every year they should open Celebrate Brooklyn.”

Duritz for his part, seemed to tacitly agree.

“I’ve always wanted to play Prospect Park,” said the dread-locked frontman.

This arts reporter is glad the Crows are finally getting the chance, if only so his esteemed editor will stop asking about it.

The Counting Crows at the Williamsburg Park [50 Kent Avenue at North 12 Street, (718) 963–0830 www.ticketmaster.com] July 17, 5 pm. $50.

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