Court Street accident is ugly, but cyclist is only slightly hurt

Lady luck must love pizza!

A deliveryman who apparently ran a red light miraculously suffered only non-serious injuries after his bike was viciously mowed down by a massive SUV in Cobble Hill Friday night.

One witness said that the driver of the truck-sized car on Atlantic Avenue had the left turn signal at around 7 pm when he hit the 19-year-old cyclist, who was crossing Court Street as he made a delivery from La Pizzetta.

The cyclist flew off his bike, which was left mangled underneath the mammoth vehicle.

“It was a hideous sight,” said Spencer Morgan, who saw the incident unfold.

Morgan said that the driver was “going too fast,” but another witness said that the driver came to a full stop before making his left turn onto Court Street.

That’s when he hit the cyclist, who had crossed against the light and was in the crosswalk on Court Street rather than riding properly on Atlantic Avenue, the witness said.

“The bicycle [rider] thought he was invincible,” said Exodus Williams. “The driver had the right of way, and if he wasn’t such a good driver, [the deliveryman] would have been dead.”

Cops said the deliveryman was taken to Bellevue Hospital, a Manhattan medical center, with minor shoulder and head injuries, and that no crime was committed.

Whoever was at fault, though, witnesses agreed that the collision was quite gristly, and could’ve been far more harmful.

“The car hit the bike with great force, and it made a huge sound,” Morgan said.

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