Crane crash

Crane crash
Photo by Arthur De Gaeta

A massive crane was lodged underneath the Q train tracks on Avenue U in Sheepshead Bay for hours on Oct. 15 after a longtime truck driver attempted to clear a low-hanging overpass.

The 17-year truck driver hit the 12-foot-2-clearance overpass on Avenue U, between East 15th and 16th Streets at around 11 am. The Office of Emergency Management was on scene and police officers closed the road to traffic between the affected streets.

A crew of workers using heavy-duty pulley machinery took almost four hours to free the crane from the overpass and lift it onto a truck from Triangle Excavators, the company transporting the crane.

An eyewitness who saw the crash as he was exiting the train station blamed the bumps in the road for knocking the crane into the uneven ceiling beneath the train tracks.

“It struck on the back — bounced two times,” said Jalan Ahmad, who lives on Avenue U. “This road, when they made it, they didn’t level it.”

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