Crime is crazy bad in Fort Greene

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Ring off

A marauder knocked down a woman on Washington Avenue on Oct. 24 to steal her iPhone — yet another attack caused by an Apple-crazed bandit.

The 37-year-old victim from Manhattan told cops she was near Gates Avenue at 11 pm when a 20-something stranger pushed her, yelled, “Shut up!” and seized the mobile.

Cops described the suspect as a 23-year-old, 5-foot-9 man wearing a red coat.

Phone haul

A sneaky crook snatched a Manhattanite’s iPhone on St. Edwards Street on Oct. 25.

The 24-year-old victim told cops he was near Park Avenue at 3:30 pm when a bandit swiped the Apple device and fled.

Mobile groan

Teenage thieves stole the iPhone from a woman on Washington Avenue on Oct. 28 — pushing her to the ground when she tried to fight back.

The 27-year-old victim told police that she was talking on her phone near Willoughby Avenue at 10 pm when a young bandit swiped the device and scrammed.

The woman chased after him, but another kid pushed her down.

Cops are seeking two 15-year-old suspects.

Phone it in

A brazen marauder swiped a woman’s phone on Washington Park on Oct. 30 in broad daylight.

The 30-year-old victim told cops she was near Willoughby Avenue at 5:30 pm when a stranger snatched her mobile and ran toward DeKalb Avenue.

School rage

A robber pretending to have a gun attacked 14-year-old boy on Hanson Place on Oct. 27 — stealing his phone, $20, and student ID.

The victim, who goes to Brooklyn Technical HS, told cops that he was near St. Felix Street at 4:35 pm when the marauder put an arm around his shoulder, simulated a pistol and said, “I don’t want to hurt you. Give me your stuff.”

The teen gave up his things and the stranger, a 27-year-old fled.

Easy as pie

A burglar stole $650 from Little Louie’s Pizza on Myrtle Avenue on Oct. 24.

An employee told cops that he left the pizzeria near Adelphi Street at 10:30 pm. When he returned the next morning, a side door was broken and the $600 that was stored in a microwave was gone — along with $50 in coins from a tip jar.

Meat shocker

A hungry shoplifter snatched a $10 package of beef from a Myrtle Avenue supermarket on Oct. 24, but cops say they caught him red-handed.

An employee told police that the would-be bandit entered the Associated Supermarket near Hall Street at 6:34 pm. He exited 10 minutes later and violently shoved a security guard who tried to stop him.

Police arrested a 40-year-old suspect at the scene.

Food fight

Some lunatic punched a security guard at the Atlantic Avenue Pathmark supermarket on Oct. 26 — the alleged thief’s second arrest this month at the grocer.

An employee told cops that the crook entered the store in the near Flatbush Ave. at 4:45 pm. An hour later, the crook tried to leave with $40 in goods — including Coors beer. When the guard tried to stop him, he jabbed him and snapped the gold chain around his neck.

Medics treated the watchman at the scene, and cops arrested a 50-year-old suspect.

Subway threat

Some goon robbed a teenage girl of her jewelry, cellphone and $2 on Oct. 25 in the Clinton-Washington G train station.

The 17-year-old victim told cops that she was at Lafayette and Washington avenues at 12:20 pm when the stranger simulated a gun and ordered her to follow him to the subway stairwell.

“I’ll blow your f—king head off,” he said. “Give me your jewelry, money, and phone!”

The girl hand over the property and he fled. Her phone was recovered nearby.

Apple picking

A thug punched a woman in the neck and plucked her iPhone on Washington Avenue on Oct. 26.

The 31-year-old victim told cops that she was near Fulton Street at 8:20 pm when the stranger socked her, grabbed her phone and fled.

Police arrested an 18-year-old suspect the next day.

Bad news

Dual thieves robbed a Myrtle Avenue bodega at gunpoint on Oct. 27 — running off with $3,500 and 10 cartons of cigarettes.

A 28-year-old employee told cops that the thugs entered the store near Hall Street at 9:50 pm. That’s when one of them flashed a gun and yelled, “Lay down! Don’t move!” while the other yanked cash from the register.

The frightened worker said that one crook bashed him with a helmet before he fled.

Cops are seeking 40- and 45-year-old suspects.

Copper gold

Thieves scored more copper from an Atlantic Avenue construction site last week — lifting $4,000 worth of the hot-ticket metal.

A 40-year-old worker told cops that he left the location near Sixth Avenue on Oct. 26 and when he returned two days later, the not-so-secured commodity was gone.

Last week, brazen looters stole $2,000 in copper from a Flushing Avenue construction site.

Take a bike!

A knife-wielding goon stole the mountain bike from a deliveryman on Clinton Avenue on Oct. 25.

The 21-year-old victim told police that he was near Fulton Street when the thief flashed a blade and demanded, “Empty your pockets!”

The biker handed over his wallet containing an ID and Social Security card. Within seconds, the crook hopped on the two-wheeler and rode away.

Bike pain

A thief rode off with an expensive bicycle locked in front of the Atlantic Center Mall on Oct. 25.

The 35-year-old victim told cops that he parked at a pole near Flatbush Avenue at 2 pm. When he returned two hours later, he discovered that his $1,100 wheels and Kryptonite lock had been gershed.

Sleep mode

A burglar stole a laptop from a Ryerson Street apartment after its owner went to bed on Oct. 24.

The 29-year-old victim told cops that she set her computer next to a window at her home near Myrtle Avenue at midnight. When she woke up at 8:30 am, the device was gone.

— Kate Briquelet

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