Crime is still crazy bad in Fort Greene

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Pathmark pilfers

There were at least two crimes at the Pathmark on Atlantic Avenue last week:

• On Oct. 29, a victim was at the cash register in the grocery store between S. Elliott and Fort Greene places at 6:30 pm. She put her wallet down to retrieve the rest of her items from her cart when the thief sneaked off with the billfold, which contained more than $200.

• Two days later, a would-be robber cut his way out of the store after security guards caught him allegedly shoplifting at 7:30 pm. He pulled a knife and slashed at the guards until he got away, but cops said they collared their man two days later.

Phone fight

Two thugs stole a woman’s iPhone on Oct. 31 on Willoughby Avenue.

The victim was near Carlton Avenue at 4:21 pm when the thief tapped her shoulder. With the iPhone owner distracted, the thief tried to snatch the device, setting off a tug-of-war. The thief shoved the woman to the ground, and a second thug came in, dragging her legs the opposite direction until the first thief got away.

Train pain

Three thugs jumped a man on an A train on Nov. 1.

The victim was on the Queens-bound train at 3:17 am when he was approached by a trio of thieves as the train passed the Hoyt-Schemerhorn stop.

“You gonna get it now,” one thief threatened before he and his posse began pummeling the victim, leaving him with a cut eye, a swollen cheek and a busted lip.

The thugs took $130 and a cellphone before the victim escaped at the Lafayette Avenue stop.

Purse snatch

A heartless thief snatched the purse of an 80-year-old woman on Atlantic Avenue on Nov. 1.

The senior was near S. Oxford Street at 4:55 pm when the robber sneaked up from behind, grabbed the purse and dashed off, taking a debit card and a $90 Metrocard.

Trio of thieves

Three thugs robbed a man on Myrtle Avenue on Nov. 2.

The victim was near N. Portland Avenue at around 7:25 am when he was approached from behind by three men all dressed in hoodies and ski-masks.

“Give me your f—king money before I stick you!” one thief said, prompting the victim to hand over $550.

Auto intruder

A thief stole a man’s bag on Nov. 2 on Flatbush Avenue.

The man left his bag in a friend’s car between St. Marks Avenue and Prospect Place at 5:50 pm. When he returned at 7:25 pm, the bag was missing.

Before he could cancel the cards, the victim was told that the thief had purchased a $79 Metrocard.


A teen was punched on S. Elliott Place on Nov. 2.

The 14-year-old victim was hanging out with his friends at 5 pm near Hanson Place when a jerk walked up and punched him in the face. The boy’s jaw was broken in two places and taken to the hospital.

Time warped

At least two kids had their iPods stolen in the same dastardly fashion last week:

• A thief swiped the music player from a student on Fort Greene Place on Nov. 3 when the kid was standing outside Brooklyn Technical HS between DeKalb and Lafayette avenues. The stranger approached and asked the time, prompting the teenager to pull out his iPod to check — it was 7:17 pm. That’s when the thief pulled out a black firearm, and said, “Give me all your stuff.”

Cops say they arrested the perp later.

• Three days later, a thief stole a teen’s iPod in Fort Greene Park — also with a ruse about checking the time. In this case, the crime, the request for information and the pistol were the same. Only the time of day was different. It was 3:29 pm.

Trained thieves

Two thieves took a man’s iPhone on the G train on Nov. 4.

The victim said that she was waiting for the Brooklyn local at Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue at 1:29 pm when two men approached and took the iPhone from her hands and punched her in the head and face.

Cops say they caught one suspect quickly.

— Alfred Ng

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