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Criminal minded

A hoodlum abandoned his effort to rob a woman inside a Clinton Avenue apartment building on June 8 after first roughing her up in a stairwell.

The victim had just dropped off her son at his babysitter’s apartment in the building between Myrtle and Willoughby avenues at 9:16 am when the would-be mugger dragged the woman onto the staircase from the hallway and threw her against the wall.

The struggle for control of the 35-year-old woman’s pocketbook ended when the sound of a door opening upstairs frightened the crook into running away.

Teen angst

Police caught two adolescent females who attacked and robbed a woman on Emerson Place on June 10.

The unlovely young ladies, aged 13 and 14, repeatedly struck the 25-year-old victim in the face before stealing her phone at 4 pm near the corner of Myrtle Avenue.

A cop apprehended the suspects after hearing the crime reported on police radio.

Spare change

A vending machine operator’s truck was burglarized while he was making a delivery to Long Island University on June 11.

The burglar wasn’t a junk food junkie though; he was after a satchel of coins inside the snack man’s van, which was parked on University Plaza, between Willoughby Street and DeKalb Avenue from 3 to 3:30 pm.


Violent rogues beat up a man with their fists and a baseball bat on Carlton Avenue on June 7.

The victim, 21 years old, told police that four thugs attacked him between Atlantic Avenue and Fulton Street at 1:25 am. The assailants injured his right shoulder and hand and caused swelling above his left eye, but he did not seek medical treatment.

Tough call

An abusive boyfriend stole his lady friend’s phone after an argument and skirmish on South Elliott Place on June 13.

A verbal squabble between the paramours escalated with the male half of the pair grabbing the victim by the arms, dragging her into the bedroom and flinging her onto the bed. The display of force at 5:45 pm, inside the apartment between Lafayette and DeKalb avenues, fortunately caused no physical harm.

The misogynist ran off with the phone, but the woman is more interested in getting a restraining order against the brute.

Shoplifting spree

Shoplifters hauled away a bizarre combination of merchandise from an Atlantic Avenue supermarket on June 14 after a security guard tried to thwart their thieving ways.

The criminal pair, in possession of butchered meat and name-brand lotion and deodorant were stopped by the store watchman at 3 am. Not to be deterred, the hoods bashed the man’s arm, allowing them to flee the grocery between Fort Greene Place and South Portland Avenue in a gray Honda Accord which had been reported stolen earlier in the day.

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