Criminal smashes into home with a brick

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


Some creep threw a brick through the front door of an Adelphi Street apartment and broke into the residence on Sept. 16.

The jerk smashed the projectile through the building near Willoughby Avenue at 7 am and entered the second floor of the 66-year-old resident’s home, according to a report.

Under the overpass

Police are searching for a punk who mugged a 61-year-old man under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Carlton Avenue on Sept. 13.

The victim told police he was strolling near Park Avenue at 10:30 pm when the brute came up from behind and punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the ground. The thief then snatched $25 from his pocket and fled, authorities said. The senior was taken to Brooklyn Hospital for treatment.

Late night lurker

A bruiser bashed a guy on the head with a metal object and stole his wallet and phone while he was walking home from a bar on Carlton Avenue on Sept. 12.

The man was near Willoughby Avenue at 4 am when he felt like someone was following him, cops said. He began crossing back and forth on Carlton Avenue when the pirate struck him on the back of the head and he fell to the ground, according to a report. The nogoodnik stood over him and demanded his property, taking his phone and leather wallet, worth $980, and fled, he told police.

Slash and dash

Cops are hunting for a goon who slashed a man for a second time in six years on the stairs of a Flatbush Avenue subway station on Sept. 12.

The victim told police he used the entrance near Fulton Street at 2:50 pm and noticed the tough at the bottom of the stairs exiting the station. He recognized him as the person who cut him in 2011, and the savage then took out a box cutter and slashed him on the right side of the face, according to a report. The ruffian snatched the victim’s phone and fled in a dollar van after dropping the phone onto the street, police said.

Clean freak

A shoplifter cut a worker’s finger while stealing a bottle of Dove body wash from a Fulton Street store on Sept. 17.

The pilferer snatched the $3.99 bottle and wounded the worker who was trying to keep him from leaving the Rockwell Place shop at 6:30 pm, authorities said.

— Lauren Gill

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