Crook makes off with woman’s jewelry

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Jewel heist

A crook stole a treasure trove of jewelry from a Hicks Street home while the homeowner was away from Jan. 6 to Jan. 21.

The occupant said she left her house between Pierrepont Street and Love Lane at 6 pm on Jan. 6. When she returned two weeks later, $30,000 worth of jewelry was missing, including a $15,000 gold-and-turquoise bracelet.

Highway robbery

A thug was arrested for allegedly stealing $700 from a man on Fourth Avenue on Jan. 28.

The victim said he was near St. Marks Place at 5:10 am when the crook stopped him and took the money. The man demanded that the other man return his stolen cash — but instead the thug pulled out a gun and threatened to use it, the victim claimed.

Later that day, cops arrested a man who they said stole the cash.

Knifepoint holdup

Knife-toting thieves stole a man’s iPhone on Bergen Street on Jan. 6.

The victim said he was near Smith Street at 2:50 pm when the thugs stopped him. One of them pulled out a knife and said, “Give me your phone.” The man complied, and the thieves ran off.

iPhone snatch

A crook stole a woman’s iPhone on Fourth Avenue on Jan. 25.

The victim said she was exiting the subway at Pacific Street at 7 pm when the man snatched her phone and fled.

Choked out

A thug robbed a man on Hicks Street after placing him in a chokehold on Jan. 26.

The victim said he was entering a building between Clark Street and Love Lane at 3:10 am when the crook came up from behind and choked him out. When he regained consciousness 10 minutes later, his wallet was gone.

Newsstand mayhem

A crook assaulted a newsstand clerk on Willoughby Street on Jan. 25.

The clerk said the thug came up to the newsstand near Jay Street at 6:50 am and grabbed a Snapple, a candy bar and a bag of chips. When the clerk told him to pay for the items, the thief hit him in the head with the ice tea bottle and ran off.

Wallet stolen

A thief stole a woman’s wallet from an FDNY office in the MetroTech Center on Jan. 25.

The victim said she forgot the wallet in a bathroom at the office on Bridge Street at Tech Place at 12:40 am. When she went back to find it 20 minutes later, the wallet was no longer there.

Macy’s caper

A crook stole a woman’s pocketbook at the Fulton Street Macy’s on Jan. 25.

The victim said she entered the store between Bridge and Lawrence streets at 2 pm. But when she got to the checkout counter at 3:30 pm, she realized her pocketbook was missing.

Jacket jacked

A thief stole a Payless employee’s jacket on Jan 20.

The victim said he left his coat in a backroom at the store between Jay and Lawrence streets before starting his shift at noon. When he returned to retrieve it at 10:50 pm, the coat was missing.

Laptop swiped

A crook swiped a laptop from a Washington Street office sometime between Jan. 19 and Jan. 23.

The laptop’s owner said he left the computer at his desk in the office, between Front and Water streets, at 5:30 pm. When he returned to work four days later, the laptop was gone.

— Daniel Bush