Crook steals shopping carts from supermarket


Carroll Gardens—Cobble Hill—Red Hook

Cart crook

A thief stole nine shopping carts from a Mill Street supermarket on April 27.

An employee told police that the bandit snagged the carts, worth $900 in total, from outside the supermarket between Hicks and Henry streets at 1:28 pm.

Plate pilferer

A burglar nabbed a license plate from a car parked on Clinton Street on April 21.

The victim told police that the pilferer stole the South Carolina plate from her blue Nissan parked near Lorraine Street sometime between 3 pm and 4:20 pm. 

Cell hell

A man took a woman’s cellphone from a Mill Street apartment on April 8 and refused to return it.

The victim told police that her son’s friend slept over at her apartment between Columbia and Hicks streets on April 7, and when the friend left at 8 am on April 8, she realized her phone was missing. She contacted the friend who admitted he had her phone and said he would return it, but weeks later she said that he still has not. 

Food fiend 

Police cuffed a woman for allegedly stealing $33 worth of food from a Court Street supermarket on April 21.

An employee told police that the suspect placed several food items in her bag before trying to leave the store on the corner of Atlantic Avenue at 7 pm. Police arrested the defendant at 7:20 pm and charged her with petty larceny.