Crook swindles man by demanding gift cards

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Nightmare massage

A liar swindled a 68th Street resident out of $8,300 on Jan. 1 by demanding gift cards to pay for a massage and threatening him if he did not pay.

The man — who lives between New Utrecht and 16th avenues — reported the incident to police around noon on Jan. 4, according to the report.

Window of opportunity

A baddie broke into a 17th Avenue home at some point between Dec. 31 and Jan. 2 and caused damage to the windows.

The break-in occurred at the home between Cropsey Avenue and 17th Court at some point after noon on Dec. 31, police said, adding that the crook did not take anything from the home.

Phone a friend

A pair of louts attacked a man and stole his cellphone on Bay 29th Street on New Year’s Eve.

The assault and theft occurred around 8:45 pm between 86th Street and Benson Avenue, when one of the men walked in front of the victim and the other grabbed him from behind and put him in a headlock, police said. The man in front then grabbed the victim’s phone from his hand, and the pair of perps fled on foot in an unknown direction, according to the report.


A pair of miscreants slashed a man’s hand with a knife on 76th Street on New Year’s Eve.

The incident occurred at 15th Avenue around 10 pm, when the men approached the man, who told police that he fought them off with his umbrella and that they fled the scene in an unknown direction. Emergency medical personnel transported the man to Maimonides Medical Center for treatment, according to the report.

New year steal

A crook broke into a Cropsey Avenue restaurant early in the morning on New Year’s Day and stole $2,500, cigarettes, and candy, police said.

The break-in occurred at the eatery at 20th Avenue shortly after 1:30 am, according to the report, which added that the nogoodnik entered and fled through a rear entrance.

Electric steal

A crook swindled a Stillwell Avenue resident out of $3,895 on Jan. 2 by falsely alleging that he was a National Grid representative and claiming that the woman had an overdue balance and that her service would be shut off if she did not pay.

The woman — who lives between Quentin Road and Highlawn Avenue — told police that the incident occurred around 4 pm.

Cashed out

A criminal broke into a 65th Street home and stole $14,000 and three credit and debit cards on Jan. 3.

The break-in and theft occurred at the home at 16th Avenue shortly after 9 am, police said, adding that the crook entered through the bedroom window and may have left using the front door.

Unlucky day

A thief stole a man’s wallet — containing $140 and credit and debit cards inside — from the counter of a Bath Avenue store on Jan. 3.

The theft occurred at the store at 21st Avenue shortly after 11:30 am, shortly after the man had purchased a lottery ticket and forgot his wallet on the counter, police said.

Unwelcome visitor

Police arrested a man who they say broke into a 64th Street home on Jan. 3 and injured the residents, according to police.

Officials say the man entered the home at Dahill Road around 6:30 am wearing a ski mask and carrying a billy weapon. He allegedly pepper sprayed the residents, causing, “substantial pain and temporary blindness to one of the victims,” and stole a piece of mail, according to police.

Basement break-in

A good-for-nothing broke into the basement of a Quentin Road home at some point between Jan. 3 and Jan. 4 and stole $60, jewelry, and clothes.

The break-in occurred at the home between W. Second and Third streets at some point after 6:30 pm on Jan. 3, according to the report.

Not-so-sweet dreams

A thief stole a man’s wallet containing $180 on the subway at the Kings Highway station in Bensonhurst on Jan. 4.

The incident occurred around 11 am at the station near W. Seventh Street, when a woman woke up the man and told him that a man who was sitting across from him and appeared to be homeless had stolen his wallet, according to the report. The man then confronted the sneak, who returned the wallet with everything except the cash, police said, adding that the crook had cut the man’s pockets to grab the wallet.

— Julianne McShane