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Crook takes phone and credit cards from stroller

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Pushed to the limit

A sneaky thief stole a cellphone and several credit cars from a stroller in a store on Fulton Street on June 4, police said.

The victim was perusing the store near Duffield Street at 1:30 pm when she noticed her property was missing.

Phone snatchings

Two sets of iPhone robberies occurred at train stations last week.

• A speedy crook snatched an iPhone out of the hands of a traveler on a Brooklyn-bound 4 train at the Borough Hall subway station on June 7, police said.

The straphanger said the train was pulling into the station near Court Street at 4 pm when the thief grabbed the phone and a partner in crime held the door open. Both men fled.

• A pair of thieves pulled a similar crime at the Metrotech station, taking an iPhone out of the hands of someone leaving the train on June 9.

The victim said he tried to chase after the thieves at the station near Jay Street, but they punched him and, becoming frightened, he turned around and fled.

Taking candy from a baby

Someone stole a woman’s pocketbook from her children’s stroller on Furman Street on June 6.

The victim was near Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Bridge Park at 1 pm when she noticed the bag missing.

Slice of life

A woman sliced another woman’s hand on Court Street on June 5, police claim.

The victim told police that earlier in the day, a man pointed her out to the suspect, who then allegedly said, “Ok, that’s the girl. I am going to get her and cut up her face.”

Later, when the victim was near Montague Street at 7:45 pm, the suspect cut her hand with a knife. The suspect was not arrested, but the 26-year-old man who pointed at the victim was.

Pack it up

Someone stole a backpack containing $200, an iPod, and several credit cards from Kings County Family Court on Jay Street on June 6, police claim.

The backpack was taken from the victim’s desk in the building near Johnson Street at 1:15 pm.


A thief conned a woman out of $1,175 through an apartment rental scam on Craigslist on June 2, police said.

The victim told cops she handed over the money as a security deposit on an apartment on Brooklyn Avenue in Wingate. After this, the woman was unable to get in touch with the perp, and finally reported the instance as a scam on June 6.

Bagged it

A 50-year-old man was arrested for snatching a bag from a woman walking down Joralemon Street on June 6, police said.

The victim was near Borough Hall at 10:30 am when the man allegedly grabbed her bag. Police arrested him more than an hour later.

Family affair

A teenager assaulted a woman in the Jay Street courthouse on June 3, and his mother fought back when cops tried to arrest him, police reported.

Police say the 18 year old was at the courthouse near Johnson Street at 1:30 pm when he hit a woman in the face with a marble cup, causing swelling and pain on her right cheek.

When cops told the teen’s mother that he would be arrested, she covered up her son with her body. Police tried to separate the pair, but she started fought back, swinging her arms and an umbrella, officials reported. Two cops were injured before the pair was restrained.

Smoked out

A most-likely asthmatic thief stole $1,100, a carton of Newport cigarettes, two cartons of Marlboro cigarettes, 80 phone cards, and random paperwork from a store on Clinton Street sometime overnight on June 2.

Police reported that the store near Montague Street closed that day at 4 pm. When it opened at 9 am the next day, the store’s lock was gone, along with the merchandise.

— Jaime Lutz

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