Crook tries to steal vitamins from store

61st Precinct

Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Vitamin a day keeps a thief away

A jerk tried to steal vitamins and eye drops from a store on Ocean Avenue on May 16 and punched a person in the face on the way out.

The victim said the thief entered the store near Avenue Z around 5 am and started putting eye drops and vitamins in their front jacket pocket. The victim told the thief to stop, and the thief then punched them in the face before fleeing towards E. 21st Street and getting into a silver Mercedes.

Police said there is camera footage of the incident, and that the store recovered the would-be stolen items.

Missing phone

A miscreant stole a woman’s phone on her way to work near Avenue U on May 17.

The victim said she was near E. 24th Street on her way to work around 8:50 am when someone took her iPhone 6 from her hand. The thief then fled towards Bedford Avenue.

Police said the Find My iPhone app revealed the phone was offline.

Gave chase

Police arrested someone who they say stole a woman’s purse on E. 18th Street on May 18, and then dragged the woman from their car when she tried to stop them.

The victim told police she was in her car near Avenue T at 10 am when the suspect walked up to it and took her purse that had her Russian passport, Samsung cellphone, cash, and more in it.

The victim got out of her car and gave chase, catching up to the suspect’s gray Toyota sedan, where she grabbed onto the steering wheel, police reported. The suspect started driving off while the victim’s hands were on the steering wheel, leading the woman to be dragged, according to the report. She suffered cuts to both legs and hands, and went to Coney Island Hospital for treatment, police said.

Police said they arrested someone in relation to the incident — but did not specify their gender — charging the suspect with robbery, drug possession, impaired charges, and numerous other charges.

— Adam Lucente

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