Crook wearing brass knuckles punches and robs man

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Brass-knuckle bandit

A brass-knuckled thief punched a man in the face during a robbery on Brighton Fifth Street on Feb. 20.

The metal-handed-marauder grabbed money off the man near Ocean View Avenue at 5:15 am, according to police.

No love

A lout knocked out and robbed a woman on Brighton Sixth Street on Feb. 14.

Authorities say the victim was in a park near Riegelman Boardwalk East at 10:25 pm when the scoundrel asked for a cigarette, and when the woman refused, he knocked her unconscious. She woke up in the hospital with her valuables gone, including jewelry and a designer wallet, cops said.

Subway swipers

Four scoundrels robbed a man at the Ocean Parkway subway station on Feb. 18.

The robbers snatched a bookbag, clothes, and an iPhone as the man rode the Q train near Brighton Beach Avenue at 10:22 pm, according to police.

Phoney loan scam

A scammer conned a man out of more than $2,000 over the phone at E. Seventh Street on Feb. 19.

The victim called a personal loan company from his apartment at 11 am and the con-artist told the man to submit a down payment via Google-Play gift cards, police said. According to police, the man realized he was a victim of fraud when he did not receive the loan and never heard from the company.

Not-so neighborly

A baddie whacked a woman with a cane at a W. 29th Street residence on Feb. 20.

The victim went to deliver her neighbor coffee around 7:30 am in the building near Surf Avenue and an argument ensued, leading to the woman being hit in the head with the walking stick, police said.

Police poser

A liar posing as a cop stole a man’s wallet on Brighton Fourth Street on Feb. 20.

The victim was sitting in his parked car near Ocean View Avenue at 4:50 am when the thief, acting as a police officer, asked the man for his ID. But the nogoodnik reached into the vehicle and seized the man’s wallet before fleeing on foot, authorities stated.

Electrical scam

A scammer stole $800 from a man over the phone at Brighton First Street on Feb. 21.

Police said the sneak thief posed as the electrical company and called the victim demanding payment around noon at a gym near Brighton First Lane. The lout prompted the victim to buy prepaid debit cards and to read back the serial numbers over the phone, police said.

— Natallie Rocha