Crooked moves: Cops looking for dancing mugger

Dance dunce

Cops are looking for a “dancing thief” — a hooligan who was spotted practicing his routine just before he mugged a woman inside a building elevator on W. 23rd Street.

Police said the 2 am robbery inside the building, which is near Surf Avenue, wasn’t caught on the building’s surveillance camera, but the thief’s dance was.

The victim was already inside the elevator when the thief got on and attacked her, taking a cell phone.

Cops are asking anyone with information regarding this theft to come forward.

Calls can be made to the NYPD CrimeStoppers hotline at (800) 577-TIPS. All calls will be kept confidential.

Public outcry

Two teens were arrested on Oct. 4 after causing a stir at P.S. 370 on W. First Street.

Cops were told that two 16-year-olds were caught riling up a crowd of youths inside the school, which is between W. Brighton Avenue and Neptune Avenue, at 2:40 pm.

When a school safety officer tried to disperse the crowd, the rabble-rouser’s friend lunged at the guard, hitting him in the face.

Both were taken into custody on assault and disorderly conduct charges.

Gum goon

A savvy shoplifter learned on Oct. 3 that stealing chewing gum can be, well, sticky.

Police said the 41-year-old was stopped by a guard as he was coming out of the Cropsey Avenue PathMark, which is between Bay 53rd and Bay 54th streets, with 14 packs of chewing gum.

As the peace officer tried to take the thief into custody, the suspect bit the officer in the arm and leg, but failed to escape — he was arrested at 7:35 pm.

Beer brawl

A shopper at an 86th Street mini-mart wigged out on Sept. 29 when he was told the price of beer had gone up.

Workers at the Marlboro Mini Mart, which is between W. Seventh and Eighth streets, said the man entered the store at 7:45 pm to purchase a beer.

But when he was told the price, he flipped out, and began to yell and curse at the employees.

He then lunged at a plastic partition, breaking it, cops were told.

Honda hooligan

A thief broke into a 2009 Honda parked on Shore Parkway on Oct. 2, taking a cell phone, as well as the vehicle’s headrests and license plate.

Cops were told the car was parked near Knapp Street at midnight when someone smashed the passenger side window and rifled through the cabin.

Business blues

A crafty charlatan managed to swindle $50,000 from a hapless Sheepshead Bay resident recently after selling him a business he didn’t own.

The victim came to police on Sept. 30, claiming that he bought the business from the con artist back in April, but was left with nothing except the bogus documents used in the scam.

The “deal” was made during a meeting on E. Third Street, police were told.

Grocery goons

Two thieves tore up an 86th Street grocery on Oct. 4 after they were caught shoplifting.

Workers at Eden’s USA Grocery said the thieves entered the store at 12:20 pm and were seen trying to pocket merchandise.

When the employee confronted the duo, they attacked him with a bottle. They then threw glass bottles around the store before running off, police said.

‘Loca’ motive

A gun-toting thief attacked a 27-year-old woman on Bay 23rd Street during an furious Oct. 3 exchange where he screamed “This is to make sure you don’t mess around with La Raza Loca!”

The woman was between 86th Street and Benson Avenue at 4:20 am when the thief raced toward her with a gun in his hand.

He punched the woman in the face, yelled his statement and ran off with her purse, police were told.

Cops were not clear what the statement had to do with the robbery.

Luncheonette loot

Thieves broke into a 15th Avenue luncheonette on Oct. 2, taking $400 and an assortment of cigarettes.

When workers at Bao Lao’s Luncheonette showed up for work after closing up the night before at 10 pm, they found the store ransacked and the money and cigarettes gone.

Someone had also poured bleach over the counter and stand-alone ATM machine in an attempt to contaminate any DNA evidence, police were told.

Benz jack

Two thugs attacked and robbed a 28-year-old of his 2010 Mercedes Benz on Sept. 25 during a furious exchange on Shore Parkway.

The victim had just closed the trunk of his car, which was parked on E. 19th Street, at 12:05 pm when the two suspects attacked, punching him repeatedly.

The thieves swiped the victim’s keys and sped off in his luxury car, officials said. They were still being sought by late Tuesday.

Gravesend goon

A thief pulled a knife on an 18-year-old on Sept. 18, robbing him of his iPod, chain and ring.

The victim told police he was nearing the corner of Avenue P and W. Eighth Street at 11:30 pm when the suspect ran up with a knife in his hand.

“Sit down right here and give me everything,” the thief ordered.

The victim did what he was told and the thief ran off with the loot, cops were told.

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