Crooks hit jackpot at Duane Reade

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Need to quit

A pair of punks robbed a Duane Reade pharmacy on 86th Street of $8,000 in merchandise — including a $384 pack of Nicorette gum — on June 2, cops say.

An employee told police that one of the thieves bounded over the unstaffed counter of the pharmacy between Fourth and Fifth avenues at 6:09 am while the other kept lookout.

After stuffing the gum and other pharmaceutical goodies into a bag, the two fled the scene.

No fare

A jerk swiped a wallet, navigation system, and taxi license from a cab parked on Fifth Avenue in the middle of the afternoon on May 28, police report.

The cabbie told cops that he parked his car between 75th and 76th streets at 2 pm, and came back five hours later to see that his cash, cards, license, and locating gadget were gone.

Shopping spree

Someone stole a Bay Ridge woman’s credit cards while she was in Owls Head Park on May 31 — and proceeded to run up $548 in charges at stores around Sunset Park that day, police say.

The victim said she was in the park at noon when she hung her unzipped purse on her baby’s stroller. When she reached in later, her wallet and checkbook were gone.

Police say the eager crook used the cards at a Radioshack on Fifth Avenue beetween 51st and 52nd streets at 1 pm, and again 16 minutes later at Jimmy’s Sportsware on Fifth Avenue between 54th and 55th streets.

Chain smoked

A nicotine-loving crook ripped off $877 in cigarettes — and $1,000 in cash — from a delivery truck on Fort Hamilton Parkway on June 2, according to cops.

The owner of the truck company told police that his employee parked near 63rd Street at 10:30 am to make a delivery, and returned to the vehicle five minutes later to find the driver’s side door open, and the money and several cartons of cigarettes gone.

— Will Bredderman

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