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Crooks take man’s wallet from his car

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Caught in the act

Two brigands broke into a car parked on Ralph Avenue on July 10 — and walked off with the owner’s wallet.

The victim told police that he left his ride near Avenue K around 1:30 pm, and returned to it 20 minutes later to discover the duo leaving his vehicle — and his wallet gone. Cops say the victim was only able to describe one of the crooks, and the thieves got away with several credit cards, $400, and the man’s identification cards, according to the report.

Bump and run

Police say a sneak swiped a man’s wallet while he was getting off a bus on Flatbush Avenue on July 9.

The victim told cops that he boarded a Queens-bound Q35 bus near Floyd Bennett Field around 2:15 pm. When he reached his destination and exited the bus near Flatlands Avenue at 2:45 pm, a man bumped into him.

He later noticed that his money-pocket — which he told police was in his backpack the whole time — was missing, according to the report.

Sneak in and out

A bandit stole three smartphones from a cellphone store in an Avenue U shopping center on July 8.

Cops say some nogoodnik entered the store near E. 54th Street around 3:45 pm, entered a back storage room, and took the three phones before leaving the shop, according to the police report.

Ghost credit

A fraudster charged morethan $5,000 to an E. 32nd Street man’s credit card between Feb. 22 and May 11.

Cops say that on July 11, the man noticed that multiple charges were made on his account at different locations, despite him being in possession of his card. According to the police report, the crook charged a total of $5,351.

Big scam of 50 grand

Cops say a charlatan scammed more than $50,000 from an Avenue N man on July 13.

The victim, who lives near E. 70th Street, told police that the following day, he realized that a thief used falsified checks to withdraw a total of $56,200 from his business account, according to the report.

— Alexandra Simon

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