Crooks try to steal man’s backpack

94th Precinct


Good grip

Two robbers tried to rip a man’s backpack off of his back on N. Fourth Street on Sept. 4 — but the man refused to budge.

The victim told police he was walking between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street at 10 pm when the crooks grabbed him from behind. They tried to grab his backpack off of him. When he resisted, they pulled him to the ground and kicked him in the head.

“All we want is your money,” one of them yelled.

When the victim still refused to give out his backpack, the robbers ran away.

Bad visit

A thief robbed a woman visiting her friend’s Jackson Street apartment on Sept. 7.

The victim told police she was standing at the building’s doorway between Kingsland Avenue and Woodpoint Road at 5:50 am, waiting for her friend to let her in, when a man ran up and grabbed her purse.

The woman struggled with robber and injured her knee in the process. The crook got away with her iPhone, credit card, train pass, and inhaler.

Hey, cousin

A group of tough guys attacked a young man and tried to rob him near the Bedford Avenue L train station on Sept. 8.

The victim told police he was on his way to work and was at the corner of N. Fourth Street at 9 am when a guy got in his face.

“Hey, Primo, you have a money?” the guy asked.

A second later, someone grabbed the victim from behind and tried to take his wallet out of his right pants pocket. The robbers held the victim down and punched and kicked him. The victim received cuts, bruises, and swelling to his body, and told police that he temporarily lost consciousness. The victim was taken to the hospital with his wallet still in his pocket.

Production values

Someone stole dozens of cables out of a television production truck that was parked in a Commercial Street parking lot on Aug. 15.

The manager of the production company told police that the truck was parked in a lot between Clay and Box streets on the night of Aug. 15. When the production company returned to work at 10 am the next day, they found many cables missing.

The manager told police that the truck was not locked at the time of the robbery.

You big oaf

An inconsiderate crook stole and smashed a woman’s cellphone while trying to run away at the Bedford Avenue train station on Sept. 8.

The victim told police that she was about to enter the turnstiles at the station at the corner of N. Seventh St. at 4:05 pm when a guy snatched the cellphone out of her hand. He ran up the stairway and the victim followed him.

When the robber reach the top of the stairs, he fell with the cellphone his hand, and the screen shattered. The thief and ran off, leaving the shattered phone on the ground.

— Danielle Furfaro

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