Crown Heights stylist offers monthly makeovers to victims of hair loss

Diamond Samaroo, left, was pampered for the day by hairstylist Donna Prescott (right) for Alter Image Salon’s first-ever makeover day for women suffering from hair loss.
Photo courtesy of Alter Image Salon

A Crown Heights hairstylist will treat women suffering hair loss to a makeover and spa day once a month this year, starting with a Bedford-Stuyvesant resident suffering multiple sclerosis, who couldn’t be happier with the results. 

“I have experienced lots of symptoms that come with the disease as far as hair loss, which was hurtful to me because I am a woman and that’s our crowning glory,” said 32-year-old Diamond Samaroo. “For me to be able to get like a facial, massage, my hair done and makeup, it’s a great experience. I am still in disbelief it is actually happening for me.”

Stylist Donna Prescott hosted Samaroo for a “Beauty Day” at her salon Alter Image — located on St. John’s Place between Hampton Place and Albany Avenue — where she was treated to facial, makeup, a complimentary wig, and a photo-shoot to remember it all by. 

Prescott said she was inspired by her mother’s experience with hair loss, which led her to want to provide comfort to other women in a similar situation.

“It’s been something that has been in my heart for a while, I had a situation with my mom where she lost her hair,” said Donna Prescott. “I wanted to do this just to treat someone extra special because I know how hard it can be.”

Donna Prescott, owner of Alter Image Salon preps the wig for Tuesday’s “Beauty Day Makeover”.Photo by Derrick Watterson

Each recipient is selected at the start of month, when Prescott asks w0men suffering severe hair loss to direct message their personal stories to her salon’s Instagram account

“We open it up to whomever’s story is the most touching,” Prescott said.