Cycling creep chases after woman in McCarren Park

94th Precinct


No riding or attacking here

A bike-riding baddie attacked a woman who was jogging in McCarren Park on Driggs Avenue on May 27, police said.

The woman said she was running in the park near Lorimer Street around 11 am when she saw a man riding his bike. She told him he shouldn’t be riding there, and he followed her across the street and struck her on the back of her leg with his two-wheeler, according to a report.

He then tried to grab at the woman’s waist, but then fled toward Bayard Street, police said.

Classic robbery

A gunman robbed a Driggs Avenue deli on May 29, according to police.

An employee at the store near Humboldt Street said the brute came in at 6:19 pm with his head bowed low under a hoodie, which covered his face from store surveillance cameras.

The bad guy walked behind the counter, pointed a handgun at the victim, and said, “Give me all the money,” then told him to put the money in the bag and to stay down until he left the store, police said.

Apartment hunter

A thief made his way into a man’s Bedford Avenue apartment on May 26 and stole some belongings before being scared off by the victim’s roommate.

The roommate told police he was in his room in the third-floor apartment unit near N. 12th Street at noon when he heard someone knocking on doors on the fourth floor. A while later, he heard someone come into their pad, but he assumed it was the other resident, police reported.

He said he learned it wasn’t his roommate when the intruder started to enter his room. He confronted the scoundrel, who fled, according to the police report.

Bad aftertaste

A thief swiped a man’s wallet from right beside him while the victim was enjoying lunch in McCarren Park on May 25.

The victim told cops he was sitting on the grass in the green space near Lorimer Street at 10 am when he put his wallet next to him. He finished his lunch and went to pick up his pocketbook only to find it was gone, a report said.

In the 10 minutes he was eating, the victim said he didn’t see anyone take his stuff, but his wallet was definitely gone.

— Tatiana Hernandez

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