Dancing with the stars: Ariana and the Rose throws intergalactic music show

Dancing with the stars: Ariana and the Rose throws intergalactic music show
Makena Granger and Olivia Cummings

Call it a space jam!

A glittering intergalactic dance party will touch down at the House of Yes in Bushwick for a three-night series starting on April 26. Brooklyn synthpop project Ariana and the Rose will play to a crowd of would-be alien creatures for the celestial “Light + Space Trilogy,” which will combine music, lights, virtual reality, and colorful characters to help guests float into a realm where they can be whoever they want, said the group’s singer.

“The farther you step into the world of the party, the more you let your inhibitions down,” said Ariana DiLorenzo, who lives in Dumbo.

DiLorenzo and her band will host the galactic, five-hour extravaganza three times — once each in April, May, and June. Each show will feature a slightly different lineup of songs and of disc jockeys, with the June performance doubling as a gay pride party, but each will have a consistent cosmic theme: aliens visiting Earth for a good time.

“The whole show is built under the concept that creatures are coming down from their own planet to throw an amazing, futuristic disco event,” said DiLorenzo.

To that end, costumed aliens will wander the party, dancing with audience members and making them feel welcome, said the singer.

“The characters encourage humans to strip down and not feel self-conscious or worry about how they look,” she said.

DiLorenzo got the idea for what she calls a “360 experience” from film screenings that recreate movie worlds, including the monthly Little Cinema series at the House of Yes. DiLorenzo says that people are searching for an all-encompassing performance that lets them escape reality.

“Audiences are up for delving into a new world you make for them,” she said. “We hope to create something people feel like they’re missing in nightlife experiences.”

Human visitors are encouraged to dress in “celestial finest,” and a glitter bar at each party will let people douse themselves in the sparkly substance until they twinkle like the night sky.

And for those looking to escape this corporeal realm, a virtual reality component will let them strap on a headset and step into a desert world, based on the music video for Ariana and the Rose’s “Love You Lately.”

The driving beats of the Ariana and the Rose will keep the audience moving, said DiLorenzo, which will make them feel like part of the show, and not mere witnesses.

“The whole live performance is really geared to make people dance,” said DiLorenzo. “Our goal is to make you feel like you’re watching, but you’re also a part of it that we can’t do without.”

“Light + Space: the Trilogy” at House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Ave. at Jefferson Street in Bushwick, www.houseofyes.org). April 26, May 24, and June 14 at 9:45 pm. $15–$25.

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Space case: At the “Space + Light” parties, alien characters who just want to party will dance and speak with the audience.
Makena Granger and Olivia Cummings