Dangerous duo beat up woman for phone

90th Precinct


Phone push

A couple stole a woman’s phone and pushed her down the stairwell inside a Thames Street building on May 12.

The victim was between Morgan Avenue and Bogart Street at 12:08 am when the duo approached.

“You better not call the police ever again,” the woman told the victim, according to the police report.

She then pushed the victim down the stairs, shoved her head against the wall, and took her phone — before they both left.

Bank return

A robber tried to hold up a Broadway bank on May 8, but changed his mind and fled.

The goon entered the bank near Hooper Street at 11:41 am, and handed over a note that read, “Give me the money, don’t press the alarm.”

He then asked the teller if she read it, at which point she coolly handed the note back to him, and he fled.

Kent steal

A thief stole a wallet, phone, laptop, and headphones from a Kent Avenue apartment on May 13.

The tenant told cops he fell asleep in his apartment near near N. Fourth Street at 1 am, but when he woke up at 8 am, his stuff was gone.

Car trouble

Cops arrested a 29-year-old beggar who they said chased a man with a dagger on Broadway on May 8 — and slashed the man’s car tires.

The victim told police he was on Havemeyer Street at 2:20 am when the panhandler approached him and asked for change. The victim handed over a few coins, and when the man asked for more, the victim refused and got into his car.

That’s when the vagrant opened the car door, pulled out a knife, and tried to stab the victim, cops said.

“Get away from me,” the victim shouted, and swatted him away with a broom from his car. The man then slashed the victim’s tires.

Cops arrested a suspect an hour later.

Heady theft

Two teenage crooks stole a man’s headphones on Stagg Street on May 10.

The victim told police he was near Bushwick Avenue at 8:30 pm when the teens grabbed the device off his head and ran away.

Headphones, holla

Two thieves beat up a man on Meserole Street on May 11 — and stole his headphones and phone.

The victim told police he was near Graham Avenue at 4:20 pm when one of the thugs punched him in his jaw, causing him to drop his phone and headset. The second thief then grabbed the electronics, and both fled toward Humboldt Street.

Motorcycle moved

Someone stole a motorcycle parked on Berry Street.

The driver parked his chopper near S. Sixth Street at 7 pm, but when he returned at 4 am the next day, it was gone.

MacBook crook

A thief stole a computer, camera, and iPod from a Bedford Avenue apartment on May 9.

The tenant left her apartment at 8:45 am but when she returned at 11:45 pm, her stuff was missing.

Taxi trap

A disgruntled passenger allegedly punched a taxi driver and wrecked his cab instead of paying his fare on Ainsle Street on May 13.

The driver told cops that he dropped his rider off near Lorimer Street at 4:30 am, but his passenger refused to pay the bill and grabbed his navigational device instead.

So the driver tried to grab it back, but the suspect punched him in the face, jumped on the cab, and broke his front windshield, cops said. Then he got into the car, took the wheel, and drove it to the curb, the victim told cops, and a new struggle ensued.

Finally, the perp fled. Police arrested a suspect six minutes later.

Dodge gone

A thief stole a Dodge parked on Bedford Avenue on May 10.

The driver parked his car near S. Sixth Street at noon, but when he returned at 2:30 pm, the car was gone.

Bike bamboozled

A thief stole a bicycle from an Ainslie Street garage sometime between May 6 and 11.

The rider parked his bike between Keap Street and Union Avenue at 5 am on May 6, but when he returned on May 11 at 1 am, the bike lock was snipped and his ride was gone.

— Aaron Short