Dark Dark Dark under the bright lights

Dark Dark Dark under the bright lights
Photo by Tod Seelie

There’s something inherently otherworldly about a band called Dark Dark Dark.

The group, fronted by vocalist, pianist, and accordion player, Nona Marive Invie, plays folk songs that range from minimal, haunted confessionals showcasing Invie’s powerful voice to ramshackle, gypsy-style pieces driven by tumbling drum beats that somehow end up back where they began. A binding thread in the music is a repetition that creates the intoxicating sensation of being lost in time, going around and around.

“Things that feel cyclical and cycles feel good to me,” said Invie, who will perform at the Knitting Factory on Oct. 12. “I feel like I write in circles a lot.”

The hypnotic feel, however, is hardly isolating or dizzying. Rather, the intimacy of the music and lyrics provides for a very personal experience, both for the band and the audience. Invie enjoys exploring new ways to connect with the individuals in the crowd, as she grows more and more comfortable on stage.

“I feel more sensitive to people watching,” she said. “It’s fun experimenting with eye contact. Just communicating with people like that.”

Though Invie has spent her summer swimming in the lakes of her hometown Minneapolis, she once called New York home. Members of Dark Dark Dark have spent time as residents of Brooklyn, too. The borough’s flourishing musical scene provides a savvy audience that the group looks forward to catching up with next month.

“It’s always one of a handful of the best shows,” Invie said. “It’s sort of like we’re performing for our peers. I really feel like I’m trying to participate in that community.”

Dark Dark Dark at the Knitting Factory [361 Metropolitan Ave. between N. Fourth and N. Fifth streets in Williamsburg Phone (347) 529–6696] Oct. 12, 8 pm, $15.