Dead body found in a burning van at Canarsie gas station

A man was found dead inside a van  outside a BP gas station at 4
A man was found dead inside a van at a Canarsie gas station on Feb. 17.
Photo by Lloyd Mitchell

Police discovered a dead body submerged in chemicals inside a burning van in Canarsie Monday night.

The cops were called to investigate the smoldering, white van in the parking lot of an 80th Street gas station between Foster Avenue and Preston Court at around 6 pm, when, after extinguishing the smoke, investigators found the unconscious body of a man inside, according to police. 

He was later pronounced dead at the scene, cops said.

Eyewitnesses at the scene said the man was submerged in chemicals at the time of his discovery.

The body has been turned over to the city’s medical examiner to determine cause of death, authorities say.