Deadly dame slashes men during argument

94th Precinct



A crazed woman got into an argument with two men on Kent Avenue on May 9 and slashed them both with a box-cutter.

One of the victims told police that he and a friend got into an argument with two women near N. Third Street at 12:10 am. According to the police report, they were arguing when one of the deadly dames suddenly pulled out a box-cutter and slashed him and his friend in the face and neck before running away.

Police used surveillance video to try to find the two femme fatales but could not. Emergency personnel took the men to Bellevue Hospital.

Swiped phone

A brazen robber attacked a teenager on the stairs of the Lorimer Street L station on May 7 and stole his phone.

The victim told police that he was walking down the stairs of the station at Metropolitan Avenue at 4:10 pm when a guy ran up to him and demanded his phone.

“Let me get your phone,” the robber said before grabbing the victim. The victim fell down the stairs and the robber put his hand into the victim’s pants pocket, ripping his pants, police reported. He then ran off with the phone.

Parking problems

A pair of violent cretins followed two people, beat them with the baton, and stole their stuff on Manhattan Avenue on May 9.

The victims told police they were heading to their car at 5:05 am when they saw the suspicious-looking men. They turned down toward the India Street pier at the corner of West and India streets.

They were getting into their car when they saw the men again. One of the men hit one of the victims over the head with a metal baton, causing a deep cut in his head, according to the police report. They then went into the victim’s car and grabbed a book bag that contained a laptop and electronic speakers. The victims drove themselves to the hospital.

Quick text

Someone snatched the phone out of the man’s hand when he was texting at a Wythe Avenue nightclub on May 2.

The victim told police that he was standing in the main room of the club near N. 12th Street at 2 am when someone suddenly snatched the phone out of his hand and ran into a crowd of people.

— Danielle Furfaro

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