Delivery man jumps on car hood in attempt to catch thief

88th Precinct

Fort Greene–Clinton Hill


A delivery man went the extra mile — or in this case, half a block — in a bid to recover cash that a thief lifted from his parked vehicle on June 30.

The victim told cops he was standing in front of his delivery truck, which was double-parked on DeKalb Avenue between Carlton Avenue and Adelphi Street, at 4:42 pm when he saw a thief snatch more than $7,000 in checks and cash from the cab, then jump into a getaway car.

The victim jumped on the hood of the escape vehicle and held on for a half a block, but had to let go. The car got away.

Duly noted

Thieves held up a Flushing Avenue Chase bank on July 1.

The bank told cops that the robber walked into the branch near Washington Avenue around 2:45 pm and passed the teller a note that read: “Give me all $100 & $50 bills or else everyone dies!!!”

The teller obliged, handing over $6,600, and the hoodlum made off in a white Cadillac DeVille.

Tech steal

Light-fingered thieves swiped a bevy of goods in Fort Greene Park when a man briefly left his bag unattended on June 28.

The victim told cops he set down his bag to take a picture of his daughter at around 3 pm. When he was done, his bag — which held two laptops and a fancy iPad — was gone.

Hand it over

A thief pilfered almost $1,500 right out of a woman’s hands on Greene Avenue on July 2.

The victim told cops she was sitting on her stoop, which is between Classon and Grand Avenues, when the thief approached and grabbed the wallet out of her left hand, before booking it around the corner.

Night job

Thieves swiped two computers from a sleeping couple’s home on Adelphi Street on July 2.

The victims told cops the robbers came in through the unlocked back door of their home near Willoughby Avenue sometime between 3 and 8 am — while the were sleeping.

The thieves made off with two laptops.

Not the car!

Fiends stole a car that was parked on Willoughby Street on July 1.

The victim told cops he parked his 2003 Chevy Impala between Myrtle and DeKalb Avenues around 10 pm. When he returned the next morning, his wheels were gone and broken glass was on the ground.

What, no tip?

A thief made off with a woman’s purse when she left it unattended at a restaurant on Fulton Street near on June 26.

The victim told cops she left her purse when she left at her table to go to the bathroom around 2:30 pm. When she came back, her purse had been taken off the back of her chair at the restaurant, which near South Portland Avenue.

Computer heist

A sneak thief busted into a man’s apartment and made off with his computer on June 26.

The victim told cops he was asleep when the bandit charged in and made off with his laptop around midnight.

141 Lafayette Ave.


A violent punk punched a woman and stole her phone on Vanderbilt Avenue on June 28.

The victim told cops she was nearing Gates Avenue at around 8:30 pm when the punk came up behind her, grabbed her phone, and punched her in the face.

—Dan MacLeod