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Democratic Primary for New York City Public Advocate

Cathy Guerriero
Cathy Guerriero

Democratic Primary for New York City Public Advocate

A crowd of candidates has converged around the office of Public Advocate, a position with some visibility but little actual power. All of them have sounded populist notes in their campaigns and accused each other of representing the economic elite.


• State Senator (D–Carroll Gardens)

• Served as an aide to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, defeated 30-year incumbent to become state Senator from Carroll Gardens in 2008.

• 34, married, one son.


• Councilwoman (D–Clinton Hill)

Reshma Saujani
Adrian Kinloch

• Elected to City Council in 2003 as Working Families Party member, representing Clinton Hill. Battled effort to use eminent domain to evict constituents during Atlantic Yards Project controversy.

• 50, single, no children.


• Professor, business consultant, former administrator with the Catholic Archdiocese of New York.

• Teaches education and politics as an adjunct at Columbia and New York universities.

• 43, married, one daughter.


Daniel Squadron
Daniel Squadron

• Deputy Public Advocate, former Wall Street lawyer. Founder of “Girls Who Code,” advocacy group urging more young women to go into tech sector.

• Appointed deputy Public Advocate in 2010, after unsuccessful bid to useat Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-Manhattan).

• 37, married, no children.


• Advisor to police Commissioner Ray Kelly, former aide to then-Borough President Howard Golden, former United Nations delegate, former Manhattan doorman.

• Served as a community liaison to Borough President Golden during 1980s, worked for the New York City Housing Authority during the Giuliani Administration. Appointed delegate to the United Nations from Sierra Leone — his native country — in 2005. Became community relations specialist under Commissioner Kelly in 2006.

• 65, married, two daughters.

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