Deport DSK maid back to Guinea

She’s workin’ it: Nafissatou Diallo, the monster-maid who accused former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault only to see her case implode in a flood of fibs, should thank her lucky stars that she lives — for now at least — in the United States of America and not in her homeland of Guinea.

That West African nation has been ruled by merciless leaders for the past 50 years where rape is rarely prosecuted and where state-sanctioned sexual terrorism against women is a fact of life.

There, Diallo’s defamation lawsuit — which hasn’t retracted claims that she traded sex for money and ripped off ignorant compatriots in a crooked pyramid scheme — would have been tossed in the trash, regardless of its credibility.

That’s how it is in lawless regimes.

Guinea boasts a lofty ministry for the advancement of women yet treats them like third-rate citizens, forcing genital mutilation and sexual harassment upon them with impunity. Take a Sept. 28, 2009 pro-democracy rally in the capital city of Conakry, where “torture and other ill-treatment, including rape, sustained beatings and stabbings, were routinely committed by the security forces,” states Amnesty International in its chilling 2010 international report.

Graphic photographs posted on the Guinea News forum depict the horrors, which included women being gang raped; sexually attacked with sticks, batons, rifle butts and bayonets; and murdered during or immediately after their rape.

“One woman was shot with a rifle through her vagina while laying face up on the stadium field begging for her life,” according to the report.

Diallo’s ingrained knowledge of injustices in her ancestral land paved the way for her to obtain political asylum in America — an entry the “devout Muslim woman” facilitated by lying about her immigration, her finances and an alleged gang rape, according to investigators.

She should have treated her safe refuge in the planet’s greatest nation — coming as she did from one of the world’s worst states — like a precious windfall. Instead, she wove a web of deceit whose far-reaching tentacles have cast aspersions on hard-working women everywhere, reinforced the stereotype of female gold-diggers, and shed a negative light on genuine political refugees.

For that, deport her arse back to Guinea.

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