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Did you just wake me up?

Not a morning person

Two surly crooks slapped a woman in the face after she woke them up near her North Sixth Street apartment’s on Sept. 4.

The victim was taking out her trash at around 4:15 am, when she stirred the delinquents, who had been dozing on the stoop of the building, which is between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue.

“F— you, you woke me up,” said one of the crooks, before smacking the victim in the face, knocking her to the ground, and fleeing.

Pedal-pushing perp

A bike-riding baddie stole a woman’s purse as she returned to her Humboldt Street home on Sept. 1.

The pony-tailed mugger pulled the black handbag from his 22-year-old victim’s shoulder just after she exited a cab at the corner of Driggs Avenue at around 2:40 am.

Once the long-haired crook snatched the purse, he hopped on a bicycle and peddled away with $50, a credit card, a black leather wallet, a black purse, and a learner’s permit.

Bogus boy

Cops say they nabbed a drunk driver who impersonated a cop, then robbed and threatened to shoot another motorist on Dupont Street on Sept. 6.

After almost smashing into a car between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street, the boozed driver turned on a siren in his car and pretended to be police.

The liquored crook confronted the 37-year-old driver of the car he almost hit, confiscated his cellphone, and threatened to shoot him.

The victim forked over his phone, but the real cops caught a 27-year-old suspect at the scene, police said.

Cash snatch

A quick-fingered crook yanked $150 out of a frustrated shopper’s hand on North Seventh Street on Sept. 2.

The crook confronted the victim between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street at around 7 pm, just after the 28-year-old victim was turned away from purchasing printed photos because a nearby shop was closed, but before the victim could pocket the cash.

The scruffy hoodlum, who was wearing blue jeans and a red baseball cap grabbed dough and fled.


Police nabbed three teenaged thugs suspected of snatching packages from a Dobbin Street apartment building on Sept. 5.

Witnesses watched the crooks enter the building, which is between Meserole and Norman avenues, at around 5:50 pm, and exit 10 minutes later toting two packages, which they promptly opened.

When a witness confronted the crooks, they scattered, leaving the packages — which contained fabrics and candy bars — on the sidewalk.

Later that night, cops caught a 19-year-old suspect at the corner of Nassau and Manhattan avenues, and 16- and 17-year-old suspects near the corner of Frost Street and Debevoise Avenue.


Two armed thugs asked a 48-year-old man for directions on Sept. 6 — then they robbed him of everything he had.

The crooks confronted the victim at around 5:30 am as he was loading tools into a company van parked on India Street between McGuinness Boulevard and Provost Street.

After asking him how to get to a nearby scrap metal shop, the muggers put a black handgun to the victim’s face.

“Get on the ground, give me your money,” one of the crooks demanded.

The crooks pilfered the victim’s pockets until they found a brown wallet, which contained his credit cards, driver’s license, and $1,300.


A crook stole film equipment from a North Henry Street photographer’s apartment while she was asleep on Aug. 31.

The thief broke in between 3 am and 7:30 am and snatched a Holga camera, a Super 8 camera, and a 16 mm camera, a lens, a laptop and a set of keys from the apartment, which is between Herbert and Richardson streets.

— Ben Muessig

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