Dirtbag pummels do-gooder cleaning sidewalk

94th Precinct


Animal house

A ruffian attacked a man while he was cleaning up garbage cans outside of a Dupont Street senior center on April 28.

Police said the man was cleaning the sidewalk at Manhattan Avenue at 1:48 pm to deter the rodents that the garbage attracts, when a brute approached him, yelling and cursing. The jerk then shoved the victim, hurting him, before running away, according to cops.


A charlatan scammed a Freeman Street woman by calling her home and impersonating the Internal Revenue Service on April 29.

The unknown caller contacted the woman at her home between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue at 8 pm and she owed the state agency $7,700 in back taxes, but that he would accept $4,000 in installments instead, cops said.

The victim purchased 19 iTunes gift cards at drugstore near her home and then gave the caller the pass codes for them, police said..

Don’t lend to a friend

A thief broke into a car on N. 11th Street on April 26.

A woman told police she was borrowing a friend’s car, and parked it between Roebling Street and Driggs Avenue, only to return at 10:20 pm to find the driver’s-side window broken and possessions her pal had left inside the vehicle were gone.

Cunning cashier

Police cuffed a Bedford Avenue check-cashing employee who they say ripped off a customer on April 25.

Authorities say the worker allegedly took Western Union money orders from a customer at the establishment between N. Sixth and N. Seventh streets at 4 pm and cashed them himself — totaling $1,976 in stolen funds.

Silent thief

A burglar raided a Driggs Avenue apartment on April 29.

Police say there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment between Kingsland Avenue and Sutton Street at 4:35 pm, but numerous personal items were gone.

— Madeline Anthony