Ditmas Park man cuffed for assaulting cops while trying to hide wife’s dead body from them

Authorities arrested a man for assaulting police officers while trying to prevent them from discovering his wife’s dead body inside the couple’s Ditmas Park home.

Patrolmen stopped by the suspect’s E. 18th Street apartment between Tennis Court and Albermarle Road at 3:04 pm on Wednesday to perform a wellness check, during which officers drop in to check on someone’s welfare, usually at the request of a loved one, or friend.

The man let the cops into his apartment, according to a law-enforcement source, who said the officers then spotted his wife on the floor of their bedroom.

But when police tried to enter the room, the suspect blocked their way, claiming his wife was sleeping, the source said.

And when the cops insisted on entering, the guy charged them, punching one in the face before the officers subdued him, according to the source.

After police contained their suspect, they found his wife wrapped up in a blanket on the bedroom floor, authorities said.

The man was arraigned on charges including assault and resisting arrest the next day, and police turned the woman’s body over to the city’s medical examiner to determine her cause of death, according to cops, who said their investigation is ongoing.

A Police Department spokesman could not say what prompted the wellness check, and noted the suspect had no history of domestic abuse.

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