Dog bites housekeeper’s toe off in Greenpoint

The offending pooch: Police took this dog away after he bit off a woman’s toe in Greenpoint. Cops say he was cooperative and didn’t require a tranquilizer.
Photo by Paul Martinka

A dog bit a housekeeper’s toe off in a luxury Greenpoint apartment building on July 27, according to police.

The 63-year-old woman was at the residence on Bayard Street between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street around 1:40 pm when the pooch attacked, sinking its teeth into her left foot, cops said.

Emergency responders put the detached appendage on ice and rushed her to the hospital, while officers took the dog to in a kennel to an Animal Care and Control of New York City rescue center, authorities said.

The dog was cooperative and did not have to be tranquilized, police said.

The residents were dog-sitting the pup according to a New York Post report, but it was not the first time the victim had met the dog, police said.

A visibly distressed apartment owner turned up at the scene shortly after police arrived, according to ace photographer Paul Martinka, who captured the aftermath of the attack.

The owner later visited the housekeeper in the hospital, according to police.

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Bite and fright: Emergency responders wheel the victim and her bandaged foot to an ambulance.
Photo by Paul Martinka

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