Dolly Parton cover band plays anti-Valentine Day show

Doll Parts Heartbreak perform anti- Valentine's Show.
Doll Parts’ ‘Heartbreak’ is the second annual anti- Valentine’s Show.
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A Dolly Parton cover band will take the stage at Bushwick’s The Sultan Room on Friday, where they will perform a hate-letter to Valentine’s Day. 

Doll parts, the Brooklyn-based band made up of Julia Sirna-Frest, Maggie Robinson-Katz and Shane Chapman, will perform their show ‘Heartbreak’ that takes a different approach to Valentine’s Day as they belt out heartbreak anthems from the Queen of Country. 

“A lot of those heartbreak songs are bangers — so they’re upbeat, they’re fun but will also break your heart, which I think is very Dolly Parton,” Robinson-Katz said. “Here’s a really fun upbeat song that will make you cry.”

Dolly Parton coverband perform anti- Valentine's Day Show at The Sultan Room.
Dolly Parton cover band perform anti- Valentine’s Day Show at The Sultan Room.Photo courtesy of Doll Parts.

While people expect the two front-women to wear blond wigs and stuff their bras, the performers instead focus on celebrating the spirit of the singer-songwriter, and their next show will be no exception.

“The goal is really just to spread the love and gospel of Dolly Parton,” Sirna-Frest told Brooklyn Paper. “We often say it takes three of us to be one Dolly.”

The trio has been touring cities and playing shows full of vibrant outfits, singalongs and the repertoire of the Smoky Mountain Songbird since 2011. 

From playing a wedding in Chicago to performing at a show in Dolly’s hometown, the cover band offers an “incredible audience experience” no matter where they belt.

“We really try to embody the spirit of Dolly Parton so we’ll wear fun outfits but we don’t mimic her. We love her and respect her, and it’s more of a celebration of Dolly Parton than an actual tribute or cover band act,” Robinson-Katz told Brooklyn Paper. “People who love Dolly are incredibly openhearted, generous and lovely people and you really feel it in our shows.”

Doll Parts play at The Sultan Room
The Sultan Room is a 21+ venue. Tickets are on sale on their website.Photo courtesy of Doll Parts.

According to Chapman, the idea for Friday’s show, which will be their second-annual anti-Valentine’s Day show, came as the band was looking for creative ways to have fun with Parton’s music.

“We’re always looking for new ways to explore her music,” he said. “We like to learn new stuff wherever possible.”

No matter what your relationship status, all are encouraged to come to their ‘Heartbreak’ show. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit The Sultan Room event site.