Don’t take pot shots at our commander in chief

Bam’s benefits

To the editor,

David Podesta is appalled by President Obama’s lies (“Lawless Bam,” Letters, April 12). I wonder if he was appalled by President Bush’s lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.

That caused the deaths of thousands of American soldiers, and perhaps a milliion civilian deaths in Iraq. I heard we invaded Iraq because it is on a sea of oil. It was blood for oil!

The affordable healthcare law, known as ObamaCare, will probably be found constitutional because it will give 32 million people health insurance by 2014. The mandate that a small percentage of Americans — those without health insurance — buy insurance is not unprecedented. Presdient Geiorge Washington mandated that all males own a firearm. How would it be if thousands of Americans without health insurance die because they can’t afford it?

A second Obama term would be a continuation of the progress he’s made so far. He saved the automobile industry, and thousands of jobs. Unemployment claims began to decline because of the stimulus funding, then the private sector started to create more jobs than it was losing. This continued for 23 months. The total of new jobs was 3.7 million.

The president increased the budget of the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2010 by 16 percent, and by 10 percent in 2011. This will help the many soldiers who return with serious physical or mental conditions.

I think President Obama’s second term would be quite good.

Jerome Frank

Coney Island

Fit to be ‘Tide’

To the editor,

Everybody likes a good deal, but this sounded too good to be true.

I was shopping with my wife at a Duane Reade store in Brooklyn. She saw that Tide detergent was on sale for almost a third off at $6.99, so she selected one and brought it to the check-out counter. When it was scanned, we asked if we got the discounted price. The clerk held up the detergent and asked another clerk two cash registers down with earphones on if it was on sale. She replied what sounded like, “Tide at 79.”

I buoyantly said, “You mean the Tide is 79 cents?”

She replied, “No. The Knicks and Miami are tied at 79!”

Alan Magill


The ‘Gotts’ got it!

To the editor,

Since moving to Rockland County eight years ago from Marine Park, I still enjoy having the opportunity to read your paper.

What I found amusing in the April 19 “Letters to the Editor” section were the comments about Warren Buffet submitted by Millie and Stu Gotts. The Gotts have also appeared in the New York Daily News op-ed section as well. I appreciate the letters written by this couple.

Hmmmmm, but being of Italian-American descent, I wonder if their name is a pseudonym. For Pete’s sake, can’t the proofreaders discern pseudonyms? However, I still look forward to further comments from Mr. and Mrs. Gotts, or we will see if they decide to use other pseudonyms. Either way, keep it up Mr. and Mrs. Gotts.

Thomas DePrisco

Pearl River, N.Y.

‘Mayor’ Kelly?

To the editor,

Wouldn’t Raymond Kelly be better off to remain as police commissioner after that wonderful day comes and Mayor Bloomberg leaves office? Kelly’s expertise is in police work, what does he know about education and other problems confronting the city?

Of course, with Kelly as mayor, security in our schools would be beefed up, and he would probably establish a zero tolerance for disciplinary infractions. Some of our schools are so bad that the national guard needs to be called in to restore order.

I am sure that a Kelly administration would increase police presence in many of our very troubled schools, yet knowing so little about our schools, he would most likely allow the current cast of characters to remain at the helm.

We must have an educator leading the schools. Mayoral control has been a disaster and these so-called leaders, including the mayor, never taught for one day. We need people who have been inside the trenches in the classrooms. Heading a day-care center for two years does not qualify you to run our schools.

Ed Greenspan

Sheepshead Bay

Mexican flight

To the editor,

I just read over 1.5 million Mexicans have returned to Mexico in the past few years.

Well I must hand it to our president, this must have been his plan all along! Make policies that will keep our economy so bad that not even Mexicans can find low-paying jobs without benefits, without overtime, and 100-hour work weeks here anymore.

He is finally stopping illegals from entering our country.

Peter Orsi
Marine Park

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