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Dramatic jewelry shootout!

Jewel heist!

Two thieves — one in a suit and tie — stole $10,000 in rings and literally shot their way out of a Fulton Street jewelry store on Jan. 9.

The daring heist went down at the jeweler between Flatbush Avenue Extension and Hanover Place when the two men asked to examine engagement rings at around 4:30 pm. The well-dressed thief then brandished a silver pistol and said to the employee, “Give me everything.”

The foolhardy vendor then stepped from behind the counter and attempted to push the thieves out of the store. One of the thieves then pistol-whipped the employee as his partner grabbed a rack of rings.

The employee then alerted the thieves that they had just locked themselves in the store. Undeterred, the pair shot at the glass door and fled in opposite directions.

Bank heist!

A bandit stole $15,000 from a DeKalb Avenue Chase Bank on Jan. 6.

The teller in the branch, which is near Flatbush Avenue Extension, told cops that the thief passed her a note that read, “I have a gun, give me money,” around 9 am.

Mysteriously, the teller reported the crime three days later.

Train trouble

The 84th Precinct was stricken by a veritable subterranean crime wave in the past week. Here’s a rundown:

• Two female brutes were arrested for pushing a woman down the stairs at the Borough Hall subway stop on Jan. 10 while snatching her purse. The victim told cops that the 18-year-old ogres surrounded her around 6:30 pm and demanded the bag. When the victim refused, they pushed her down the stairs and snatched it anyway.

• A bozo snatched a cellphone and cash from a woman on the A train on Jan. 7, only to be apprehended after a multi-line search. The perp was caught swiping a cellphone and $300 out of his victim’s pocket at the Jay Street stop on the A train at around midnight. The victim followed him to Jamaica, where, with the help of a bystander, the crook was collared.

• A brigand snatched a woman’s iPhone at the Court Street-Borough Hall station on the R train on Jan. 4. The victim told cops that she was playing games on her gadget phone at around 6 pm when the thief grabbed it.


A thief snatched an iPhone from a woman’s back pocket as she waited to cross the street on Jan. 9.

The victim told cops she was at the intersection of Livingston and Court streets when the perp made his move around 1:30 pm.

May sees

A bandit swiped a woman’s wallet while she was shopping at Macy’s on the Fulton Mall on Jan. 4.

The victim told cops she was trying on women’s jackets at around 2:30 pm at the department store between Hoyt Street and Gallatin Place when she noticed that her purse, which she had placed at her feet, had vanished.

The victim notified security, and returned an hour and a half later to get good news and bad news. The good: Security had retrieved her purse. The bad: Her wallet, containing Macy’s gift cards, credit cards and IDs, was long gone.


A thief jacked a motorcycle parked on Front Street on Jan. 4.

The owner of the 2005 black Lotus told cops that he had last seen his crotch-rocket between Pearl and Jay street the prior evening. When he returned at 7:45 am, his bike was gone.

Beat down

Five troublemakers beat down a man and stole his cellphone at the corner of Smith and Livingston streets on Jan. 7 — but two of the brigands were busted by the cops.

The victim said that a group approached him at around 1 pm and started punching him in the head and ear, grabbing his phone.

Hours later, the cops picked up two suspects, one of whom had a bag of crack.

Rowdy rob

Three thugs held up a group of five men, forcing them to get out of their car and lie on the ground on Jan. 1 as they swiped cash, a cellphone and a fake gold chain.

The five victims told cops that they were sitting in their car at Gold and Front streets when a dark SUV parked behind them around 5:45 pm. Three perps then jumped out of the SUV and brandished guns, demanding their five victims go face-down on the cold ground.

A witness called in the caper, and the five victims refused to cooperate with cops.

Y robbery

A thief snatched a man’s debit card, cash and phone from his locker at the Atlantic Avenue YMCA on Jan. 9.

The physically active victim told cops that he had finished a workout at the gym between Court Street and Boerum Place around 1 pm and found his items missing.

After cancelling his card, he discovered that the thief had bought multiple cab rides and clothes on his dime.

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