Drone rules: Three proposals

There are three pieces of proposed legislation that would either regulate or ban virtually all unmanned aerial vehicles, including drones, radio-controlled airplanes, and remote-control flying toys.

The proposal by Councilman Dan Garodnick (D–Manhattan), which is co-sponsored by 14 councilmembers, would ban all unmanned aerial vehicles anywhere within the city limits except those used by the NYPD with a warrant.

The proposal by Public Advocate Tish James, which has two co-sponsors, would require that all unmanned aerial vehicles — including radio-controlled toys — be insured and registered with the Department of Transportation.

The proposal by Councilman Paul Vallone (D–Queens), which is co-sponsored by 23 councilmembers including Councilman Alan Maisel (D–Marine Park), would regulate the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the city:

• Unmanned aerial vehicles may not be used for surveillance.

• The vehicles must not be used within five miles of an airport, unless an operator has received permission in advance to do so.

• The vehicles cannot be used with the intent of harming people or their property.

• Operators cannot fly the vehicles above 400 feet.

• The vehicles cannot be used within a quarter-mile of an open-air assembly, school, hospital, or house of worship.

• Operators cannot use the vehicles in weather that would impair the operator’s ability to do so safely.

• The vehicles cannot be used at night.

• Operators cannot fly the vehicles beyond line of sight.

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