D’town park moves forward

The city's Downtown Brooklyn upzoning in 2004 envisioned this Bryant Park-style greenspace at its core. The city has now moved ahead to acquire the land it needs.

The economy may be in trouble, but it hasn’t slowed down the city’s plans to build a Bryant Park–style park in Downtown.

Just before the holidays, the city spent $38.5 million to acquire three privately owned lots on Duffield Street and in Albee Square, where it will build the Willoughby Square Park — and the city Economic Development Corporation said it is in negotiations to buy the remaining eight lots that it needs.

“We hope to lease the assemblage to a developer and start construction later this year,” said the spokeswoman, Janel Patterson.

The proposed 1-1/2–acre park was one of the main selling points of a controversial rezoning of much of Downtown in 2004 that allowed the construction of massive high-rises, all surrounding the proposed green core, which will have a parking garage underneath.

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