Dugouts of shame!

Dirty dugouts!

Marine Park’s baseball fields should be full of bats and balls, but instead, some of them are home to standing water and trash.

“We wanted to play here but we couldn’t because it was so disgusting,” said 9-year-old Meir Kaufman. “It’s distressing.”

So agreed his teammate, Avi Rosenzweig, who walked around the park last week in search of a sanitary ball field and dugout.

“You can’t play on some of the fields because they’re dirty,” he said.

In some instances, strong winds blow litter left on the great lawn toward the baseball fields. Just days ago, we saw dozens of broken plastic cups and soft drink bottles near the fields.

Other times, ball players affiliated with softball leagues and those just enjoying a game leave trash in the dugouts, park-goers claim.

The city should do more to ensure that players clean up after themselves, residents say.

“There should be more enforcement,” said John Westbay, who lives across the street from Marine Park. “Give them a fine.”

Residents also suggested that the city position additional trash cans throughout the park. But the Parks Department says that’s unnecessary.

“The installation of additional trash cans is not needed,” said agency spokesman Phil Abramson. “Litter should be disposed of in the cans that are already present.”

Parks says it’s trying to keep the park clean. However, officials asked park-goers to lend a helping hand.

“Parks is responsible for maintaining the dugouts, but we welcome responsible users to do what they can to help both in the dugouts and around the fields too,” Abramson said. “Teams that police the area before leaving a field and placing their trash in a can or in a plastic bag goes a long way to helping out.”

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