Dumb-bells lift cash from gym

94th Precinct


Gym rats

A nasty trio pilfered the cash register of a Berry Street gym on the night of Jan. 29.

An employee of the personal training studio near N. 14th Street said surveillance footage shows the troublemakers jumping the fence of a nearby establishment and coming in through an unlocked side door at around 9:30 pm, according to a police report.

One of the punks stayed on the first floor and robbed the cash drawer while the other two looted around upstairs, police said. The trio fled the way they came, cops said.

Elevator snatch

Cops cuffed a guy who they say mugged an older man in the stairwell of his Jackson Street residence on Jan. 27.

The victim’s son told cops his dad was walking into his building near Kingsland Avenue around 6:12 pm when the suspect followed him through the door. He then followed the man into the elevator and started demanding money, police said. When the guy said he had no money, the alleged lout started grabbing at his pockets, authorities said.

The suspect allegedly cornered the victim at his apartment door after they left the elevator, restraining him with one hand and using the other to rifle through his pockets and pull out a handful of cash, an identification card, and a MetroCard, according to a police report.

The alleged perp fled down the stairs, but cops later caught up with him, and he dropped the guy’s MetroCard on the way out, police said.


Some jerk broke into a lady’s car by shattering the window while it was parked on N. Seventh Street sometime between Jan. 22 and Jan. 27.

The owner told cops she parked her vehicle legally near Meeker Avenue at 10 pm on Jan. 22, but returned at 4:30 pm on Jan. 27 to find it missing. The crook left broken glass strewn on the street where the car had been parked, police said.

— Allegra Hobbs

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