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Dumb-ster! City misses patch of pavement thanks to illegal bin

Smooth move: All of Bouerum Place has been paved — except for that spot under the dumpster.
Photo by Bobby Kirschenbaum

You missed a spot!

Boerum Place got a fresh coat of asphalt this week — minus a space beneath what the city says is an illegally parked dumpster.

Pavers refinishing the street overnight on Monday had to work around the trash receptacle — taking up about two parking spaces between Schermerhorn and Livingston streets — leaving an unfinished plot that will have to be patched once the container is removed.

It is unclear who put the dumpster outside the under-construction former Board of Education headquarters at 110 Livingston St., which has been converted to condominiums by Two Trees Management. According to Google Maps, the dumpster, filled with refuse and covered with a blue tarp, has been sitting in the same spot since at least January — which would mean that it was there when city crews first milled, or scraped the top layer of the street, a few weeks back, and was not removed before the street was re-paved.

Pain in the asphalt: The city had to work around this dumpster when paving Adams Street last Monday night, and couldn’t finish the job.
Photo by Bobby Kirschenbaum

The Department of Transportation told us that the dumpster should not have been there when the crews came to smooth out the strip. A spokesperson said the agency could not immediately identify the owner of the offending container, saying they were “working on it.”

“DOT discovered that the container at this site does not have a valid permit,” the spokesperson said. “We are working with the company to remove the container and schedule the omitted area for paving.”

The manager of the condo at 110 Livingston said the dumpster was put there by a contractor doing facade work on the building, and that it would be removed by Monday.

On the map: This Google Maps screen shot show the dumpster has been on Boerum Place sine at least January.
Google Maps

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