Dumb-ster gone, but city won’t pay to pave bald spot on Boerum Place

Dumb-ster gone, but city won’t pay to pave bald spot on Boerum Place
Bobby Kirschenbaum

An illegally parked dumpster that blocked city workers from finishing a paving job Downtown on Boerum Place has been moved, and now officials say its owner has to pay to lay new asphalt on the bald spot that was missed.

Last week, workers paving the street between Schermerhorn and Livingston streets had to work around what the city claims was a dumpster placed along the strip without a permit. But Google street views show it had been there since at least January of this year, meaning workers first had to mill around the receptacle, and either never notified anyone about its existence, or did so but it was still not moved in time for the paving.

Either way, reps from the Department of Transportation — which is responsible for both paving the streets and issuing dumpster permits —say the patch of street still unpaved needs to be finished by dumpster’s owner.

A look back: The dumpster on Friday.
Photo by Bobby Kirschenbaum

“It is now the responsibility of the contractor to get the spot paved,” said Paul Sharp of the Department of Transportation’s pavement management unit. “They will have to find a company or group to do the paving for them.”

Sharp said the city still doesn’t know who the contractor is, but the manager at 110 Livingston Street condominium near where the dumpster sat told The Brooklyn Paper last week that a contractor was doing facade work on the building and that the dumpster would be removed by Monday.

And further back: The dumpster in January.
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