Eagle eyed crime

Eagle wallet

A perp struck a man and took his wallet and necklace as he was walking on Eagle Street on April 24.

The victim told police that he was near Manhatttan Avenue at 5 am, when the perp approached him from behind, pushed him and punched his head.

The thief took the man’s jewelry and cash, and ran away.

Two burgs

At least two homes were broken into:

• A thief stole a laptop and iPod from a Richardson Street apartment on April 18.

The tenant told police she left her apartment near Leonard Street at 9 am, but when she returned at 5 pm, she found her rear patio door pried open and her stuff missing.

• A thief stole a camera and iPhone from a N. Eighth Street apartment on April 20.

The tenant told police that he left his apartment near Driggs Avenue at 8 am, but found his rear window shattered and stuff missing when he came back at 4:30 pm.

Wheel bad

At least two vehicles made the Police Blotter last week:

• A thief stole a Mazda from a woman who rented it through Zipcar overnight on April 18. The woman told police she parked the rental on N. Fourth Street near Driggs Avenue at 10:30 pm, but when she returned at noon the next day, it was missing.

• A thief stole a motorcycle on Withers Street overnight on April 19.

The owner told police he parked his chopper near Graham Avenue at 10 pm, but when he returned to the corner at noon the next day, it was gone.

— Aaron Short