Eat it! Potluck party to celebrate ‘Edible Brooklyn’ cookbook launch

Eat it! Potluck party to celebrate ‘Edible Brooklyn’ cookbook launch
Photo by Carole Topalian

Writer, editor and food blogger extraordinaire Rachel Wharton will celebrate the release her “Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook,” at the Brooklyn Kitchen Labs in Williamsburg on Nov. 9 with — what else? — a big, fat, delicious potluck party.

After all, there’s no better way to showcase the 100 scrumptious recipes from some of Brooklyn’s finest foodies than to whip up the dishes and devour them among friends.

“Brooklyn is so much about sharing,” Wharton said. “People who own butcher shops, or shop at markets, come together to share food and tips. Food culture is where the entire world and food intersect — why people eat what they do, the science, anthropology and culture — food makes people feel good when they eat it, when they make it, when they grow it, when they buy it.”

For the cookbook, Wharton uses recipes to tell the story of the borough’s exotic and colorful food scene, from farm to table. In the cookbook are recipes for bacon-maple-bourbon-coffee caramel corn from Jen King, pastry chef and co-owner of sweet shop Liddibit; pickled fiddlehead ferns from Shamus Jones, owner and founder of Brooklyn Brine; egg noodles with creamy red cabbage and sweet corn from Erin Fairbanks, co-host of radio show “The Farm Report”; Sheepshead Bay fried bluefish with tartar sauce from Brooklyn College nutritional science professor Annie Hauck-Lawson; a pear old-fashioned cocktail from Damon Boelter, bartender at Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens; and many more.

Wharton views her cookbook as a way to foster Brooklyn’s culinary community.

“It’s meant to be a community cookbook, albeit one for the current Brooklyn food world,” Wharton said. “Our recipes are from all kinds of people: beekeepers and shop owners and gardeners and fishermen and pickle makers and bakers and chefs and mixologists and chocolatiers; Each little recipe is a piece of the story, and gives a snapshot of what’s happening here right now.”

“Edible Brooklyn: The Cookbook” potluck at The Brooklyn Kitchen [100 Frost St. between Leonard Street and Manhattan Avenue in Williamsburg, (718) 389-2982], Nov. 9, 6:30 pm. Free. Bring a dish to share. For info, visit www.brooklynkitchen.com.

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Find more recipes like this — egg noodles with creamy red cabbage and sweet corn — in the new Edible Brooklyn Cookbook!
Photo by Carole Topalian