Elevator provides lift for this thug

iPhone lift

A thug jumped a 22-year-old in the elevator of a Flatbush Avenue building on Nov. 16, taking the young man’s iPhone.

The victim had just entered the address between Fulton Street and Lafayette Avenue at 11:42 am when the thief attacked.

The crook fled the elevator after taking the iPhone, but he didn’t get far — cops caught him a few moments later.


Two fiends jumped a 23-year-old woman at the corner of Cumberland Street and Lafayette Avenue on Nov. 15, taking the woman’s Italian passport, credit cards and cigarettes.

The woman was nearing the corner at 2:40 am when she realized someone was following her. But before she could react, one of the thugs jumped her, putting a meaty hand over the woman’s mouth.

“Don’t say anything, be quiet,” the thief said before he and his partner ran off with her belongings.

Bag grab

Two thugs snagged a man’s bag on Nov. 19 following a harrowing confrontation at the corner of Washington and Park avenues.

The victim was nearing the corner at 3:30 am when the thieves shoved him to the ground and made off with his property, police were told.

Copper crooks

A thief looking to corner the lucrative copper market raided a Washington Avenue home under construction on Nov. 7.

The address between Myrtle and Park avenues was empty when the crook crawled inside, removing five copper pipes and a water meter. The theft wasn’t discovered until Nov. 21, police said.

Ryerson raid

Thieves rifled through a Ryerson Street apartment on Nov. 12, taking $200 and a digital camera.

The 31-year-old tenant returned from a business trip on Nov. 19 to find her front door ajar and home ransacked. The victim believes the thief came in through a window leading out to the fire escape that “never closes,” she told police.

Purse pluck

A sticky-fingered hoodlum stole a woman’s handbag on Nov. 19 at the notorious Atlantic Center mall.

The victim told cops that she was in the Marshall’s inside the mall between Fort Greene Place and S. Portland Avenue at around 5 pm when the thief reached into her bag to take a digital camera and some credit cards.

Car raid

A thief hit the jackpot when he rifled through a car on Atlantic Avenue on Nov. 18 — a wallet with $1,040, an assortment of credit cards, a cellphone and a pack of Newport cigarettes.

The victim told cops that he had parked his car between S. Oxford Street and Cumberland Avenue at noon. By the time he returned a half-hour later, the middle console had been looted.

Lafayette loot

A thief crept into a Lafayette Avenue apartment on Nov. 16, taking a laptop computer and an opal ring with diamonds.

A Nikon camera and $300 were also removed from the home between Classon and Grand avenues between 7:30 am and 10 pm, police were told.

Hot wheels

At least four motor vehicles were stolen from the streets of Fort Greene last week — including one right in front of the 88th Precinct stationhouse! Here’s the free-wheeling details.

• A daring speed demon swiped a 1987 Oldsmobile confiscated by 88th Precinct officers and left sitting outside the Classon Avenue stationhouse on Nov. 15.

Cops said the car, which sported license plates that didn’t match the vehicle, was seized as evidence in a shooting on Putnam Avenue a month earlier. Cops recovered it in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Nov. 21. The man found behind the wheel was taken into custody, police said.

• Thieves made off with a $5,000 Honda motorcycle on Vanderbilt Avenue on Nov. 16. The bike was between Park and Myrtle avenues when it was taken sometime between 12:15 and 9:30 am.

• A 2009 motorbike was removed from N. Oxford Walk on Nov. 16. The thieves took the wheels from between Park and Myrtle Avenues sometime between 4 and 5 am, cops were told.

• A thief rolled off with a 2001 Dodge Caravan from Waverly Avenue on Nov. 15. The victim said that he had parked the vehicle between Greene and Gates avenues at 9 pm and returned at 8 am the next morning.