Embattled EMT gunned down in SoHo

Through fate or bad karma, Jason Green, the EMT who allegedly stood idly by as an asthma-stricken pregnant woman suffered and died just steps away from him, breathed his last on July 18 following a shooting outside of a SoHo nightclub.

Police said Green and a few friends had planned to party at the Greenhouse nightclub on Varick Street but were turned away because a member of his group was wearing shorts.

They were standing near the club just after midnight when they got into an argument with three men trying to park where they were standing.

Green reportedly began brawling with one of the men and was shot two times during the scuffle, police said.

The suspects sped off and remained at large by late Monday.

Police confirmed this week that they don’t believe that anyone from 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix’s family could be linked to the shooting of Green, who’s been riding a desk since being implicated in the young woman’s death, despite rumors that detectives wanted to question some of her family.

Green and EMT Melissa Jackson — whom he was reportedly dating at the time — were inside an Au Bon Pain restaurant in Downtown Brooklyn back on Dec. 9, 2009 when the six-month pregnant Rennix, a resident of Schnectady Avenue in East Flatbush, collapsed.

She died after being rushed to an area hospital, officials said. Her newborn child died a short time later.

The two EMTs drew the ire of New Yorkers everywhere when it was revealed that they never helped Rennix when she fell. Both Green and Jackson were suspended for 30 days as a result, even though the two said they were innocent.

When they were finally allowed back at work, they were told they couldn’t respond to 911 calls.

“I’m relieved I still have a job,” Green told reporters catching him reporting for duty after his suspension. “But this whole thing has been stressful. I’m just hanging in there.”

Yet Rennix’s outraged parents demanded answers. They went as far as exhuming their daughter’s body from Canarsie Cemetery for a full autopsy in January — where it was revealed that she had died from an asthma attack.

The Kings County District Attorney launched an investigation into Rennix’s death, but their findings have yet to be released.

“Ms. Rennix’s death was a tragedy and this death was a tragedy,” said Attorney Sanford Rubenstein, who is representing the Rennix family in a civil case against the city. “But they’re not related to each other. The litigation will continue.”

Rubenstein said he has no knowledge of detectives questioning Rennix’s family about Green’s death.

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