Emmys had more lectures than laughs

What a snooze fest!

The 67th Emmy Awards show put me to sleep quicker than a cup of Sleepy Time tea and a dose of Lunesta. I had to down two cups of coffee just to make it to the end.

What happened to having award shows just be entertaining?

Emcee Andy Samberg was not funny. He might be great in Brooklyn Nine-Nine — I don’t know, I’ve never seen it — and I really didn’t watch Saturday Night Live while he was on, so I can’t vouch for his funniness then, but as a host, well let’s just say, “Andy don’t quit your day job.”

Secondly, I don’t think I’ve seen many of the shows nominated. True, my taste generally runs to the Create channel, Discovery and PBS, but how many in television land have Amazon Prime or Netflix to watch “Transparent” or “Orange is the New Black?” By the way, who is Olive Kitteridge?

It’s not like either are very mainstream and on everyone’s tablet, iPad, television or computer. Heck, many people don’t even have HBO, although it’s a lot more likely to have HBO than the other two.

Lastly, I thought we did away with the protest speeches. Either the winners or the presenters were pushing the transgender agenda, the racial agenda, the anti-sexist agenda or some political agenda. Or they were just rambling on and on with snarky inside jokes that were neither funny nor appropriate. Enough!

Stale presenters, unfunny skits, and long-winded acceptance speeches — even if Jane Lynch didn’t ring the bell of shame, it all made for a three-hour snooze fest.

We get it, you are important folks, knowledgeable on all things, and your opinions should matter to us more than our own. Not.

I really don’t think that these shows are the appropriate forum to express personal opinions on whatever topic happens to be the cause celeb at the moment.

However, since celebrities are enamored with the sound of their own sound bites, we the audience had to be immersed in the endless swill of “My, me, mine,” for the three-hour show.

But not all was lost, and enough of my carping. On the positive side, it was nice to see the ever-funny Mel Brooks, the memoriam segment was tasteful, the camera didn’t pan the audience searching for the faces of the losers, and the show ended on time.

Not for nuthin,™ I thought it quite ironic that Jeffrey Tambor was the male Emmy winner for Best Lead actor in a comedy series for his portrayal of female Maura Pfefferman in “Transparent.”

This is television, and a television award show. Let’s leave it as “These are the nominees, this is the winner,” and then, “Thank you very much.” Not a three-hour propaganda extravaganza.

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