Local jokester turns his ‘Emotional Support Beer’ into reality

Floyd Hayes shows off his certificate for his emotional support beer, which he has now turned into reality with Woodstock Brewery.
Photo by Caroline Ourso

Brooklynites looking to take the edge off after a stressful year are in luck, as the local jokester behind the world-renowned “Emotional Support Beer” has turned his liquid friend into an actual brew — all while raising money for a good cause.

“I was originally just doing it to be silly,” said Floyd Hayes. “But then it went on to be this global thing.” 

A Clinton Hill resident, Hayes garnered international headlines after he registered his beer as an emotional support animal with USA Service Dog Registration — noting that, “if you go to a party, and want to break the ice,” a brew provides some much needed relaxation. 

“A lot of people thought I was some sort of right-wing agitator,” said Hayes. “But the beer industry loved it.”

Soon, brew-makers from around the country were contacting the hops-loving funnyman, offering to team up and bring his trusty fluid friend to life.

“After I got all this press, a couple breweries called me,” he said. “But, I couldn’t quite land the perfect deal.”

Soon, however, as Hayes hid away upstate during the pandemic, local lager makers at Woodstock Brewery finally helped turn his liquid therapy into reality — canning a 6.7 ABV Citra Hops IPA with hints of tropical fruit, mango, passion fruit, and papaya.

The Emotional Support Beer.Woodstock Brewery

“It’s quite strong,” he said. “It’s got this fruit-mango vibe that’s got a lot of flavor.”

Staying true to the roots of Hayes’ original light-heartedness, a portion of the proceeds from all Emotional Support Beers will go directly to Operation At Ease — a do-gooder organization that pairs shelter dogs with deserving veterans and first responders, while providing free training for post traumatic stress and light mobility service dogs.

“Beer, while helping veterans and shelter dogs? What a good idea,” said Hayes. 

While the brew-man hopes to see his colorful cans of stress relief stocked in more stores soon, thirsty Brooklynites looking for a pour of emotional peace can order an Emotional Support Beer online here.